Sony SCD-777ES availability?

Does anyone know of any new SCD-777ES SACD players
still available? All places I've tried (J&R, etc.)
say the unit is discontinued, but Stereophile had a
write-up about it last month! Any suggestions?
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Yeah, tell Stereophile to get on the stick with new technology as shattering as SACD.
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Well, those "goldenears" who must have the blessings of the
"phool" are "SOL" now. Those who trusted their own ears, myself included, bought in at rock bottom, and now listen with glee! I've now a product which unlike most high-end, I could resell for close to $1000 more than I paid. Sorry, mine is not for sale.

Like lemmings rushing to the sea, those who needed the "blessing" of a magazine almost totally sponsored by the Harman Group are crying now. Too bad most audiophiles can't trust their own ears! Other's who bought in on the SCD1/SCD777ES are smiling today, and enjoying what our own ears told us many, many months ago.

Sorry, those who can't find it now, I have no pity for ya.

Dave, the above posts are correct, the 777ES has been discontinued, replaced by a front loading multi-channel player. You can look for used ones (someone in this month's 'Phile was selling one for $1500, doubt if it's still available) or get an SCD-1 while they're still around if you want the build quality of the 777 with identical or possibly slightly better sonics. Alternatively, the 9000ES has gotten a lot of good feedback at this site, includes an excellent DVD player as well as CD and SACD and can be bought for about $1100 at discount. Some posters seem to like certain aspects of the sound better than the 777, some disagree. Good luck!
Thanks for the info, Rcprince. Paul (Beemer): you sound
like a jerk. Don't bother answering a thread if that's
all you've got to say!
Hello Dave:

You don't like what I had to say!? Too bad.
These players were available for as low as $1500 prior to stereophool's "blessing".

Did you just find out? Or did you get your "blessing" and decide now was the time to buy?! Dave, I've got nothing against you personally and you DO have ears of your own, do you not? Can Dave make his own decision based on what Dave hears, or does Dave need the blessing of the "phool" to buy audio products?

My issue isn't you Dave, and I wish you luck finding your SCD777ES, my issue is the false power of a magazine totally dictated by the advertising revenue it generates.

To back up my claims, go to "". View the list of companies under the Harman Group umbrella. Now go find a bad review in Stereophool for any of Harman's group of companies. Also check the manufacturers index in the "phool" for their ads. Now imagine "phool" slams a new Levinson product, and Harman group pulls all their ads. Next thing you know, it's goodbye "phool". That's the way of the audio biz Dave. These folks care not a whit about your enjoyment of music, only in how they can extract your hard earned dollars from your wallet.

Best Regards,

Sometimes I like a product but since I trade gear a lot, I hesitate to buy it unless I perceive a good resale market for it. A good review in a major publication, online or paper, goes a long way towards creating a strong sale and resale market. This is for good reasons: not everyone has a chance to hear everything, the journal reviews are much more long term and controlled than a quick listen in a shop, and the review itself serves as an awareness-raising vehicle.

A 777ES for $2000 after a strong positive review comes out can be seen as a better value the same thing for $1200 prior to the review. Reviews change the size of the sale market and demand in the resale market.

I find reviews tend to be accurate, except, that sometimes you have to read between the lines. Stereophile tends to keep their negative comments buried deep in the text IMO. A review that ends - "this is competitive in its price range, you ought to hear it, it might be to your taste" is a very mediocre statement, kind of like Wall Street calling a stock "market perform" when they mean SELL! Positive reviews end with enthusiasm - "I bought this thing" or "stomps the competition in its price range".

I think that buying this unit prior to it's positive review is something to be proud of, rather than trashing others.

Forget the 777. Buy the 9000ES from oade brothers website for around $900 then have Ric Schultz of Electronic Visionary Systems(see more info. at modify it for about another $400. You can talk to Ric for more details, but my guess is by the time he gets done with it you'll have a piece that rivals or beats the 777 and you'll get a progressive scan DVD player in the bargain. Ric's backlogged with the popularity of this player and his DAC so it may take a while, but it'll likely be worth the wait and you'll have the 9000ES in the meantime which is no slouch sonically even in stock form(Red Rose used it as their source to great effect at the New York Home Ent. show). Just thought you might like another option. Best of luck.

Paul, like you, I bought the '777ES months ago for $1500. I was very glad to get the player for such a good price, but don't pass judgment on someone over something as trivial as when they decide to buy a hi-fi component and at what price. What's the big deal? Are you better than someone else because you bought the '777ES earlier and for less than they might? Get over yourself. Stick to answering the question. If you can't simply answer the question, pass it by.
Something that I have noticed..and liked on all of the SACD they '777ES, s9000es..or anything else. It seems that many..maybe most of the people that own these machines have focused as much or more on the sound of standard "redbook" cd playback. It seems that many newer machines..these SACD units included...have become more musical with the 16/44 format...and right know that is still more important. If anyone with the s9000es that has used it stock vs. with some of the mods available vs. using an outboard DAC/upsampler can comment, I would have interest.
Ok,I was a little hard on Dave, for which I sincerely apologise. I applaud Dave's decision to purchase
whatever SACD player he chooses, and folks have given better advice than I.

I feel very strongly about "value audio", IMHO the 777ES is a value item, and a worthwhile purchase. However I've experienced the anguish of my audiophile friends as they have purchased "recommended" components time after time, and got the short end of the stick, as they've been blindly led down the rosy path of snake-oil reviewers. Again, reviews are one of my "hot button" subjects, and I do apologise for my rant! Dave, if you are anywhere near Massachusetts, and would like to listen to my 777ES, and enjoy some "opinionated" hospitality and a good cup of coffee or stronger, let me know.

Well I often thought that I was missing a great deal with the 777es and maybe I have. Hey Dave, I wouldn't go running to buy a discontinued 777es player until I heard the new one and had a chance to compare the two. Who knows, maybe Sony may strike gold twice with the new player and I wouldn't be surprised if you could find it for a very nice price as well.

Keep your head up!!
Thanks for all your advice (even Paul!). I had no idea
I was opening a can of worms with this simple thread!
I talked to the boys over at Oade, and they said the new
777ES will carry a street price of aound $1800. I just
figured if a discontinued 777 was available at a good
price, I'd buy it. I didn't know that they were such
a hot piece! And, by the way Paul, I don't live and die
by Stereophile's reviews or any other magazine, but I do
take them into consideration along with write-ups in
Audioreview. Thanks for the invite for coffee, but it'd
be quite a trip from Wisconsin!
Thanks to all!
The 777 and SCD-1 are a classic supply and demand situation. I paid $3125 for my SCD-1 even though I know others have paid as little as $2700+. Although I pride myself in buying very low, I wanted it and I wanted it NOW, so I paid the going rate. Same situation for the 777ES.

Keep your eyes on eBay and this sight. They go on auction a couple times a month. But expect to pay $2Kish, as these things are in demand. Why are they in demand? Becasue they are that good, that's why. However, if you can hang on for a while, until the new multichannel ES version comes out, you may be able to pick up a 777ES for a lot less than $2K.

The quality of the multichannel SACD players will also effect the prices on the two channel high end players. If the multichannel versions prove to be as good at two channel with the added benefit of good (and it better be good, not like DVD-A) recordings, then expect the prices of the SCD-1 and 777ES to fall. That said, I'm not sure if Sony will build another piece with the quality of the SCD-1 or even the 777ES for a long, long time. Those were statement pieces -- "hey look we want SACD to be the new standard in high end digital", where Sony engineers were given quality targets as opposed to cost targets.