Sound Anchor stands setup help, plase.

I have a set of Sound Anchor stands for my B&W Matrix 802s. I would like to know: when inserting the bottom spikes in the stand, should the stand be perfectly horizontal or slightly tilted back on the back spike. In inserting these spikes, the front two stop threading in before the back one giving the stand a small "set-back" look. Is this correct?

Anyone's opinions with experience with these stands/speakers would be greatly apprecitated.

Thank you.
You can call Bob Worzella at Sound Anchors and ask if this is a problem with the threads or integral part of the design. Bob may be reached at 321-951-4349.

For what itÂ’s worth, I use several Sound Anchor stands in my own system. They are state of the art performance at bargain pricing.
Thanks for the phone number. Spoke with Bob and, for these speakers, he thinks horizontal is the best way to set up the stands. I also need to use a bit of oil to work the spikes in smoothly. I was not using any.

I will take your suggestion as well. It's worth a try.

Thanks to both of you.
I work about 1 mile down the road from the Sound Anchor plant also Bob showed be around the place last year when I saw the area code and address from an archive post. Nice work and a great guy.
Rich, totally agree.
The build on the stands is world-class and the price is extremely reasonable for what you get. Also, I rang once and the man picked up the phone and answered my questions politely.
Highly recommended!
Great company. They did not make stands for speakers I had. These speakers were very similar to ones they did make stands for. So I sent them the dimensions and specifications of mine, and they made me a custom pair to fit.

They perform great!
I did manage not to screw-up the screwing-in of the spikes this time and the setup of the stands is now complete. Once again, thanks.

Two follow up questions:
1. I understand that filling the stands with sand or leadshot is sometimes done. Would I benefit from this?
I'm on the bottom level of my home with wooden floors on top of the concrete slab above the foundation. In other words, no hollow area below.

2. Before the stands, my seating position had my ears about halfway between the midrange and tweeter of the 802s, now with the stands, I am level with the "first" (of the two) woofer of the speaker.
Listening to the sound now is different, not unpleasant, but dare I say, slightly muddy in the climaxes of a thick orchestral work. I have moved my first-reflection panellings a bit higher and even (please don't snicker) placed two cushions under me to have me sit higher (it helped a bit). The speakers are in the exact position as before the stands and I am experimenting with placement, just haven't found "heaven" yet.

My first thoughts were that "I broke what wasn't broken" by getting the stands.

Any other suggestions or thoughts, from the Audiogon thinktank would be most appreciated once again.

You are either going to have to raise your seating postition or adjust the back spikes out to correct this problem. You have affectively now raised the speakers from the floor by the length (2") of the spikes at least and probably the crossmember too another 2".
Thanks Jack.
By "out" do you mean raising the height in the rear spike only of the stands?
The speakers are now 5.5 inches higher off the floor than before.
Unfortunately, I can't move further back my seating position without encountering room problems.

Thank you.