Sound of OTL Amps

Trying to get the collective wisdom out there on OTL's. Does OTL's approach the "live sound" better than SET's or the bridged design of the BAT's power amps ? I guess it depends on what aspect of the illusion of live one is looking for. But let's say it was clarity and transparency, which technology is best. Suppose it was the magical midrange - does this mean SETs is automatic winner. For those who own OTL's, why do you prefer these to, say, a 15 Watt SET.
I can't speak for all OTL's, but I'm currently using an Atma-sphere S-30, 30watts/ch stero amp driving Alon Lotus SE speakers. It replaces an Audio Reseach amp with a large increase in transparency, imaging and speed. This amp has a wonderful midrange which I preferred over the Cary SET's that I heard. Remember, not all SET's sound the same, Art Audio, Wavelength being more neutral than the Cary's. It really is a matter of personal taste. It is also important to audition the amp with the speakers you plan on using.
I have Transcendent OTL & 811 SET. The SET sounds like a toy compared to OTL. If you like tube sound then consider Transcendent. Atma-Sphere is another fine amp but haven't heard it so can't comment.
haven't heard an SET in my system, I'm driving the Soundlab A-1's so that makes it almost impossible, there is an amp called the Viva Aurura that is supposed to be killer on the Soundlabs. All I know is that the Atma-Sphere's (MA-1's) are the most incredible amps of any kind that I have ever heard, take every audiophile adjective and multiply it one hundred times and you will be close. These probably aren't the best amps in the world but they are so good who cares. Highly recommended.
Bryceeboy, how about the new tube amps from Fanfare International? Have you heard them against the Atmasphere?
Et: The question is too dependent on other factors such as speaker efficiency, mean/minimal impedance, room size, and type of music auditioned. I own OTLs, but will likely own SETs as well in the near future. SETs have their magic, and I would never claim that an OTL was better simply because of the technology. Go listen for yourself on the speakers that you intend to use. Otherwise, buy the amp of your lust and then find a speaker to match. Either approach will ultimately be very rewarding, though quite likely expensive.
Mr ET, Europe on the line, I have heard too many amps to mention, but lets stick to your question. I own Atma-Sphere MA 2 OTL's, and they give me the most incredible sound in my system. SET's sound soo nice, but in my opinion always seem to be restricted in frequency.. it's mostly the midrange which is to die for, and set's with low power need comfortable speakers for them ! Please audition a pair of M-60 Atma-Sphere amps, for the money, they cant be beaten. Check out the Atma-Sphere website, there is an Owners group site, somebody will surely want you to demonstrate their M-60 amp. And it also comes in a Kit ! Take your chance to listen to these OTL's... Enjoy.