Spade to banana adapters

Does anyone know a source for spade to banana (female) adapters to use on a binding post? I searched all the usual places and found spade (or bare wire) to male banana adapters for using on the end of speaker cable. But that is not what I need. I want to use two pair of speaker cables (with banana termination) on an amplifier with only one pair of binding posts.

NO, I do not want to insert one banana into the bare wire hole and crush the hollow banana.

Thank you.
Don, If you are able to change out the bananas on your speaker cables you could put on WBT 0645 stackable bananas. They are $24 each at partsexpress.
I've used the spade adapter for the purpose you seek. See the other thread below for more discussion. The inner channel of the compression sleeve is the same size, and it's machined like the banana jack on a 5-way binding post. BTW - the reviews surprise me, I've not had this problem (ie too narrow).
Dayton SPCO-GRB Compression Spade Pair

Spade/banana adapter discussion

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Bdgregory, Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for.

I know adapters are not the best solution and there may be some degradation but it is a cheap experiment since I already have two identical pairs of very good speaker cables. Bless Parts Express for providing the option of economical U.S. Postal Service shipment for small items.

Now I can experiment to see if the addition of a second set of speaker cables offsets any negative from the adapters. As a plus, I get to lose the jumpers at the speaker end. Kind of a trade off. Adapters at the amp end replace jumpers at the speaker end.

I am still open to other options if anyone knows about other adapters.

Contact Matt Rotunda at and he can get you some low mass banana to spade adaptors that will do just what you want.
While you don't want to do it...the "bare wire hole" is actually for the banana plugs. Thank the European Union bureaucrats for that.
Kgturner, Those look serious. I will keep them in mind.

Sugarbrie, Yea, tell me about it. I just had three other amps modified including removing the Eurotrash binding posts that would not hold a spade. No matter how much I tightened them if I bumped a wire it acted like a lever and loosened the connection. A couple of times the spade popped completely out. Talk about "safety". That was with smaller spades. Large ones would not even fit. They are one of the reasons I went bananas--literally.