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i have a mc275 amp and a C22 pre amp with Silverline Sonata speakers what are the best spearker wire for me I do like a Full,Warm sound HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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With a Mac275, your basic desires should mostly be fulfilled. However, unless someone has EXACTLY the same setup as you do, their recommendations have little meaning. I suggest that you experiment with a variety of inexpensive cabling first as a reference point and proceed from there (if you really feel that you need to).Cabling, of course can sound differently from each other, but this is largely a matter of simple electrical properties and not exotic and expensive configurations. General information regarding the cause and effect relationships resulting from various cabling gauges and lengths in relation to amplifier and speaker impedances can probably be had from both manufacturers. There is also published information regarding this subject available from several sources. Off hand though, I can't be more specific. Invest a little time and perhaps save yourself a lot of money.
Can someone elaborate on Waldhorners comment on the electrical properties/cause and effect of cables. Can I search for a specific effect based on cable specs? i.e. if I want more-extended highs, can I narrow my search based on certain range of capacitance? I'd have more confidence selecting cables if I knew some general guidelines based in fact rather than hype and pretty colors. Audioquest does have a rather lengthy article regarding the technical properties of it's designs, but I didn't see any actual comparisons between "the specs" and "what we hear". Just links would be fine, I'm sure this topic could fill pages. Thanks
From my listening experience. You might try, Audioquest Clear, good buy now. Cardas Golden Reference, or Golden Cross. Both are very good in midrange. You might give DH Labs a try, very cost effective. I hope this helps you. Let me hear from you for more information. Audio4fun@hotmail.com
i have done some web searching on this topic. i like the supercable cook book from vacuum state electronics. it goes into great detail on cables an how they work. right now i am using 30 gauge magnet wire from r/s. at a whopping 3.45 for a lot of feet. they are in short runs from anthem tube amps. it blew away the transparent xl something 1500$ biwire. i also knocked off my monster 10 gauge. waldhorner is right...invest a little time and perhaps save yourself a lot of money.
Although I have not auditioned any of the mega-buck cables, I have used cardas, audio research,straight wire,MIT & others.None of these come close to Mapleshade golden helix,this cable simply is the best I ever had in my system. If you decide To give it a try be prepared for a skock when you first look at it. My first impression was, you got to be kidding something this small can't push my big Magnepans.Since I had 30 days to try them, I put them in my system & now I'am hooked. Good luck in your cable search,
I also have Slverline Sonatas and I am presetly using Analysis Plus Oval Nine Speaker Cable which you can get factory direct discounted. I believe this is a better cable overall than the DH Labs and in the same league as some of the super expensive stuff. Construction quality is simply outstanding. The cable is very neutral, although a little darker than the silver version (which is more expensive).
Talk to Bob Cohen at Cable Company www.fatwyre.com for specific system recommendations. They have loaner cables available so you can experiment - their low loaner fees apply on-account to the cost of anything that you buy from them.
If i were you i would find a used set of Audioquest Indgo they are a good cable and are not a arm and leg. They are not as brite as Straitwire or monster. They are kinda of on the laid back side netral midrange.
Jvr, could you pls indicate where one may find the supercable cook book -- the internet hopefully? Thank you.
I agree with Joe C., use Cable Co loaner program and try some Analysis Plus Oval 9, I use double runs in my system, and I prefer the cooper version to the silver oval. Very reasonable price, will give you rich full sound, these replaced highly rated cables that cost 4x as much im my system, Sam
Try the Monster Retro stuff. The ONLY time you'll hear me recommend this company(unless someone is a mass-fi person). But when I heard it, the first thing that came to my mind was vintage McIntosh(tube). Exactly what you're looking for. Sunny and warm to say the least. Not cheap though.
Well the analysis plus Oval 9's have been in my system for about 3 months and I consider them a great value. They are smooth, reveal all the music and I thought I would be living with them for a good long while until.....recently, when I listened to the MIT MH-750 Plus S3 Tube speaker cables. The first thing you notice is the bass performance or is it the separation of instruments through the midrange frequencies that make the music sound more real? The increase in the soundstaging of the performance was another big improvement, more apparent width and depth. I don't know what hit me first because both were such an immediate notable improvement. In the high frequencies the A.P. held their own quite well. I think Carl Eber is on to something with these cables. The ebb and flow of the music (pacing?)is too much better to ignore for me. Why do they cost 3.5X's as much as the A.P. and why are they so big and unruly? Why ask why if they make the listening experience that much more enjoyable? I now know what I'm going to do if I can find a good price on them.
TubeG, before you buy the MIT speaker cable you may want to try MIT ICs first, then if you want do MIT IC and speaker cables. I think dollar for dollar you get best performance increase with ICs. My system has MIT 330 ICs with bi-wire AP Oval 9 speaker cable........however I have no doubt that better MIT speaker cable will outperform Oval 9, just a matter of spending priority, Sam
Hi Sam I am currently using the Harmonic Tech truthlinks and really love them, no reason to change them for now though I don't doubt they can be bettered by the MIT IC matched with the speaker cables. I don't particularly want to find out at this time how much better. For that matter I was a bit apprehensive concerning my audio buddy bringing over his MIT cables other than I really didn't expect that they would be THAT MUCH better. Just when you think you are finished with one area in the system and you can move on to the next this happens. If the differences were more subtle than they were it wouldn't bother me as much. The only reason to reconsider is they are big, bulky and ugly and it is going to be a hard sell for my wife who is so asthetically minded. I sure wish I had a dedicated room. I have a C.A.T. coming next week which might forego upgrading the cables anytime soon.
MP I agree with the above posts regarding MIT, you should give them a listen. I too like a full, warm sound - I am currently using MH750 S3's with a Classe amp and Vandy 3A sig speakers. I am using 330 Shotgun med impedance IC's and have found them to be superior to any IC I have tried. I've never had all cables from the same manf. which I do now with the exception of Illuminati Dig. and I really like the synergy. Some excellent noise.