Speaker cable for Linn gear

I have a Linn Majik amp and Keilidhs. I want to get new speaker cable. Naturally, the dealer recommends Linn biwire cable. Is this the best way to go?
I've read that Linn components are best served by Linn wire. I understand their wire is reasonably priced as well.
And that is correct...so far, in my case. I have Majik-(and i had)Tukan, and went from K-400 to MIT-2 to Audioquest "Crystal" and back again to K-400, and i preffere K-400. More detailed cable like "AQ Crystal," or Kimber would not very well suit Linn's ceramiq tweeter. Although, i heard Nordost "blue haven" were good...pricey!
i've gone from K-600 to TARA Prime 500 with good results, In regards to LINN K-400/600, in most setups it's probabaly convenient to have the tri/bi-wire in one strand; it's however a pain in the butt if your amps are not colocated.