Speaker cable recommendations please

Starting to think about what will replace my AQ Rockefellers. I feel like these are now possibly my weakest link.

Amplifier is the Ayre AX-7e, speakers are Amphion Argon.

I guess I like what many others do: excellent detail retrieval, tight punchy bass, realistic mids on the warm-ish side, non-fatiguing highs. Overall I prefer clarity/neutrality/detail over warmth.

Budget would be up to 1000, for used.

At some point I may give the anti-cables a trial run, just to gauge the hype. I don't see how these wouldn't be a downgrade though given the cost difference against what I have now. Who knows....?
I have extra Anti-Cables - balanced interconnects and speaker cables 1.2 price. Let me know
I agree with Snopro. The Clear Day Double Shotgun are very good speaker cables. If you want something cheap but good, try Virtue Nirvana cables.
How about the 12 gauge Monster cables you can buy in a roll of 100' at Radio Shack with some gold inter connectors? ..no good?
I've been using the Acoustic Zen Satori shotgun for a long time and after comparing to others I think they exhibit a lot of the qualities you're looking for. Best of luck.
I'm not familiar with your speakers, but I would think the Alpha-Core Goertz AG or MI 1 series would work well with your Ayre. Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial, do ask about their RC networks.