speaker guidance for R&R mostly

In the very near Future, I will be looking to take a step up from my current Tekton DI's, upgraded, HOPEFULLY!.   Current system  is as follows: Amp  Pasx250.8/ Preamp Benchmark LA-4/ DAC. Meitner MA-1 V2/ Project RS2T transport and LTA power supply/ SVS SB 4000 Sub. Stream Quboz, and  Redbook CD's. Listening Room is approx: 20x 30', 16 " ceiling,  ( a portion in a shop containing construction and farming equipment M/C's etc. Entire shop is 30x60'  Acoustics are GREAT, don't know why??? Listen to Rock at about 85 to 90 Spl.  NOTE: in smaller system in house, have a pair of FRITZ Carbon 7SE speakers (much smaller room) and they sound GREAT, very revealing, precise, etc. The tektons sound very good, and loud, but, may be my imagination, just not as clear and revealing as the smaller Fritz Carbons.  Have been researching Sonus, QLN, Dyn Audio , Perlisten, etc. Possibly the Klipsch Heritage line Heresy, Cornwall, etc. Towers are probably preferred as it is quite a large area. Current speakers are about 12' apart and 15' from listening area. Sorry for being so windy. I hope this helps, Just looking for some Guidance!  I live about an hour from Metro Nashville, may visit a few stores down the road for a listen. Thanks as always Robert TN


I forgot to mention, relative to above, would like to stay around 10k to 12k used if it would buy me more speaker. Flexible somewhat. 

Man it’s hard to beat those Tektons for rock or metal! Sold mine and now considering another pair. 

to  mofojo and soix: Thank you both for your posts: I really do like my tektons a lot, my wife thinks I'm nuts! She's probably right. To Soix: Thank you, I have viewed these from time to time. I have seen-used for this price on Audiogon or music room, but, just looked as I still owe on the Pass Amp. I am very tempted,especially due to the Price.  My only concern, probably stupid, is with the Tektons being as efficient as they are,  I always run, no matter how loud in Class A power. As the ATC is much less efficient, just wondering if i'll remain in Class A or go into AB and which is better? Tektons in A or ATC in A or possibly AB? Thanks to both of you. Much appreciated. Robert

Well, if the Tektons are not clear and revealing enough in Class A, if I’m you I’d take the ATCs running into Class A/B if it gets me what I’m looking for.  Class be damned.  But that’s me. 

You have a very Valid point. Thank you, I did a lot of reading and investigating yesterday on the ATC scm-40. The New price used to be around 8K, and your post shows $5999, a nice price drop for new. As I read further, several of the articles really were impressed with the BASS and The Mid-range sound and drivers. However, Every article and reviewer claimed the High Frequency driver was OK, mediocre,  at best and needed an upgrade,  and most alluded to the price drop as the result. I don't know yet if the SCM 50 has a similar issue or has a much better tweeter. Of course it's much more expensive. I'll keep you posted. Just for your info, I'm much more interested in Mid-range and hi-frequency performance as my SVS sealed 4000 sub does a GREAT job on the low end. Thanks again.

I'd give Volti Rival a consideration. You are close (ish). Greg Roberts I'm sure would be happy to have you come for a listen. 

I had a pair of ATC SCM 40s and loved them but I used to be concerned with the tweeter until I had a demonstration of the Townsend Super Tweeters , job solved. People will argue the they make no difference ( that's because they can't hear more than 14Khrz themselves. I found also that the bass got more detailed because of the extra harmonics added to the music. Yes I cannot recommend the ATC's enough !!! 

Every article and reviewer claimed the High Frequency driver was OK, mediocre, at best and needed an upgrade, and most alluded to the price drop as the result.

Be mindful that ATC did a serious upgrade of the tweeter several years ago that, from the reviews I read, was a significant improvement. If you’re reading reviews of models with the old tweeter you’re not getting an accurate assessment of how the speaker sounds now. This will obviously also be highly dependent on the electronics preceding the speakers, especially with very neutral speakers like the SCM40s, and with the refinement of your amp I’d tend to doubt you’d have an issue with the tweeter. That said, I’d also mention that both Music Direct and Sound Approach offer free shipping and a return policy where if you just don’t like the sound of something you can return it. You’ll be responsible for return shipping, but it’s still nice to have the option. Last, I highly doubt a tweeter results in a $2k price drop and think there’s gotta be something else at work there, but what do I know? FWIW


Thanks all for the updates. I would have to go back and look at the review dates for the ATC's, to see if maybe the older tweeter for review or the newer was used? Thanks, didn't even think about that. Also read and reviewed several articles on the super tweeter, Townsend model. Didn't even know about them, learn something everyday. Have always liked the look of the SCM -40's now more reasonable;e than before. TOO many choices! Thanks

Yesterday listened in my main area  for 2 hours ,which contains the electronics I mentioned in my earlier post.    I will never sell my upgraded Tekton DI's, Listening to Led Zeppelin, RUSH, Def Leopard,etc, Just WOW   Everything was just PERFECT.  However, I am still very Interested in the ATC 40, especcially at the now lower price. May be my XMAS present to myself.  

     Thanks to all with your thoughts, especially about the ATC and the Super tweeter, very interesting.  Again thanks!!!

Have you thought of Magnepan I'm currently using 3.7i with 2 subs and a Pass 250.8, my main play is rock everything is crystal clear with fantastic realism. You could get a nice used pair of the 20.7 in that price range. A few years back the 3.7i with the Pass 250.8 won TAS best of show.

Enjoy the search

Hey, Thank you. Had an old pair of maggies YEARS ago and really liked them. Didn't even have a sub then. I believe the model was MG 2A or something similar. Listening to pink Floyd (money) was so accurate and impressive. Hadn't really thought about them. Thanks, may open that door again.