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I wanted to know opinions on speaker platforms. I will be custom ordering a new audio equipment rack (Tiger Maple )and amplifier (Tiger Maple ) platforms from Timbernation for my new Audio Research REF 750s.  I was wondering is it a good idea to also have platforms under my speakers. I have the B&W 800 Matrix. They do have a platform used to stand them up. But not sure what they are made of. Also I have solid oak floors. Thanks. 

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Covered ad nauseam.  General consensus on this forum seems: Isoacoustics Gaia footers work well for most and the Townshend Podiums are superior to those and cost a lot more money.  There are some really good observations when searched.

Could have a look at Stack Audio Auva, well reviewed alongside the IsoAcoustics Gaia.

I once had Mapleshades slabs/cherry finished to match floorstanders.

Stunning looks. Made the $3500 speakers look $10K.

Didn't "improve" SQ,   but did  not degrade sonics.

Mapleshade maybe a little more refined finish work, but you'll pay for it.


I can’t think of an incident where Townshend Podiums were introduced and there was anything but endless praise. They are a no brainer.


Amazing system you have!

@ghdprentice Should give this a read as there appears to be a challenger to the Townshend Podiums. I have the Auva 100's on order to stick under my Sonus faber Maxima Amator's. I respect Paul's opinions and he is also not one to get to hung up on $. I put him right there with Darko. 





Thanks for your references. I reintegrate my comments from dozens of folks over that last few years. 

I look forward to hearing your evaluation of the isolator feet.

@ghdprentice@recklesskelly Thank you for your recommendations. I will be looking into both of these options. And there really isn’t that much of a difference in prices. From what I can see the Townsends are about $500 more or so to me that’s really not much of a big difference in price. I do also have to go with the Townsends on looks. Also what is important to me too is the installation I am alone except for my girlfriend which is like being alone also as far as helping me install. So installation’s have to be just me. And I’m talking about the B&W Matrix 800s. They are not a your average size speaker. Each one weighs 240 lbs and they are quite awkward to move also plus u also have to be careful because they are 3 boxes to them that are put together individually. So as you can imagine I would have to put the isolators under my speakers alone. So as you can see it has to be what is also the best for me to do the installation by myself


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@recklesskelly  Also I see that the Auva 100 have to be ordered from the UK ? Are there any US dealers ? 

I've spoken to Track Audio about supply of their Auva.

Currently free shipping world wide.

@tattooedtrackman I ordered through Stack and I am not aware of a US dealer. I am sure they are going to be a direct sales business model. That would be my preference if I were Stack. 

Haven't managed to buy yet.

A few other items in the pipeline first.

Have bought a pair of Sound Anchors speaker stands. Next looking at getting my power sorted out. Stack Audio Auva come after that.


Was about to pay for the speaker stands.

Then some used Black Ravioli Big Pads appeared, which I had to snap up.

I have and love the Townshend Podiums, but I also love TAOC products and they make isolation platforms specifically for under loudspeakers. 


Bugger it.


6 x Stack Audio Auva ordered today.

Pay the invoice tomorrow.

I couldn't wait.