Speaker purchase question

I have been a member here for 22 years, but encountered something today for the first time and would appreciate your opinions. 
I bought a pair of used speakers on Agon and they arrived with no grilles. The seller is stating that the pics did not have grilles (true) and they were not mentioned in the ad. These Rega speakers did come standard with grilles originally. I thought that the pics were taken to show the condition of the drivers. When I asked the seller, he said that he had looked into buying new grilles, but since he didn't mention them in the ad, it should have been obvious they weren't included. 
Am I wrong to feel deceived? I want to be reasonable and would be interested to hear other opinions. 

@mcp , You can easily make your own grills if you do not want to look at drivers. Use 1/4" plywood (Home Depot) spray painted flat black cover with grill cloth (Parts Express) and tack on with Velcro. The whole business might cost you $50 if that. 
I've decided to move on. Like most things in life, there is gray area. The seller should have disclosed the missing grilles (especially since he is now telling me he recently contacted the Rega distributor about replacing the grilles), but I should have questioned it.
As for how they sound, I don't know! UPS only delivered one box so far, even though they were shipped together. We'll see if the other one shows up today.
That's too bad, mcp.  Given that there are some shades of grey here, I'd probably not want to get into a hassle about negative feedback, even though the seller did not particularly distinguish themselves.
I personally prefer no grills (though a rowdy Leonberger pup forces them on me at the moment), but mijostyn's suggestion is spot on, if you like them: a manageable DIY project.
The sellers "fault" is his lack of awareness anyone purchasing his speakers may assume grills are expected.

His reasoning  "what you see is what you get" unfortunately is correct.

I would have asked before hitting the buy now button. Buyers responsibility to ask everything before purchasing and make no assumptions.

Time to go to Home Depot as mijostyn suggests, if you must have grills.