Speaker Stands For Subs

The light just went on... my new subs (coming next week) are 5' tall -- similar in height to my CLSes. But, the CLSes are on Arcici stands that raise them about 12" off the floor. Any recommendations regarding stand for the subs? By the way, the Kinergetics are 95 pounds each. Thanks in advance.
i use a patio block with a piece of rubbermaid (rubber?)
shelf liner. it doesn't look great but it is inert,dead.
i think that's what you want.

Sistrum Platforms from the people who make Audio Points (www.audiopoints.com). It's an amp/component/loudspeaker stand that has opened a new sonic door for my system. WOW is all I have to say. Music is all I now hear and then some.

I have learned much from these people who will explain more in twenty minutes than the coolest of reviewers. Really it is worth your investment of time and as far as their products, it won't take long to figure out - they have the ability to make it all sound fantastic.