Speaker Upgrade Journey - Wilson, B&W, Linn

I am starting my speaker upgrade journey but being in the Seattle area I will need to travel to hear all of the contenders. This week I listened to the B&W 803, 802, and 800 diamonds. I must say that I enjoyed the tonal presentation of these speakers. As you moved up the line there was just more dynamics and a greater soundstage. I did feel that the bass presentation was a little light and would expect more lower end. The bass was well defined an tight, but I was expecting more. I also listened to the Devore Orangutan 0/93 and thought they were very well balanced and had a similar sound to my current Avalon Transendent's. I am looking for more resolution in the treble and better bass response. I also listened to the new Wilson Sasha's connected to some quality electronics and cables. I didn't like what I heard. I found the treble to be hard, grating and clinical. I couldn't live with these speakers. I also listened to some Linn speakers which I think were the Akurate's. Again they were similar to my Avalon's. I really want to hear the Rockport Atria, Verity and Magico S3 speakers. So far I liked the B&Ws best.
From what you describe and if I were you I wouldn't buy anything before at least hearing the Rockports. I would think Verity, Joseph Audio, Dynaudio, and Nola would be other excellent options to explore as well. You also seem to be an excellent fit for ribbon tweeters, but as I haven't heard too many in person I'll let others make some suggestions there. Best of luck, and congrats on the Super Bowl. What a drubbing.
The Acoustic Zen Crescendo is another worthy contender and under 20K. Your room appears to be large enough to fit a pair.
Buying these so called high end audio equipment is equivalent to buying luxury sedans. Most of them loses value pretty fast.
Good comments so far. I agree with Gianttube and I have built my current system around used equipment. It's sometimes a little more difficult with specific models that may not be available on the used market. The Vivid and Crescendo's are also in my thoughts but are also difficult to audition.
Goose, there is a pair of Vivid Audio B1's in silver on the 'gon right now for a very good price. Even if you bought it and don't like it (which i highly doubt ;) ), it will not be a huge loss if you resell it.