Speakers for Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks?

Hi, my current speakers are JBL 250 Ti and they are extremely good, delivering the huge american sound with thunderous bass yet I hope that maybe later this year I can upgrade them to more refined Hi End speakers withe better imaging, details and tembres while keeping the big soundstage and bass that JBL's are known for. Right now I'm thinking about B&W 800 Diamond (used to have 802D and while I wasn't happy with their rather boxy sound I still miss their lovely tweeter that never called any attention to itself) or Wilson Sasha. KER 207 Reference sound like a nice choice as well as Vienna Music (though Vienna looks like it's designed for less powerful amps so driving it with monstrous Nemos makes no sense). Any ideas or experiences with Nemo driven systems?
I used to have the Nemo's and they were driving a pair of Dali MS5's. All the bass you could want and a ribbon tweeter as well. Great speakers with a great pair of amps.
Just about any speaker you can think of. The Wilson speaker line is special and I am sure will respond well to the power.
Are there any Nemo owners here? Maybe someone with a particulary good sounding combo?
My friend has the Nemo's. There great amps. The thing that gets me is, the Nemo's are listed as Class A amps. Yet when i put my hand on them, they dont get hot at all.
He's using the BW 800 speakers which is a good combo.
He used to have the Dunlavy Aletha speakers which i also liked.
Doug99, I was actually thinking of B&W 800 Diamonds for Nemos as the most obvious option.
At the risk of appearing redundant, I suggest buying amps for speakers, not speakers for amps. IMHO, it is far better to choose your speakers first, then find appropriate amplification.
Unsound, I agree that it's probably the right thing to do but since I already have the amps (which a lot of people rate as some of the best available) I guess I just have to do it this way.
I'm not a big B&W fan myself, but here's a review from several years ago echoing the posts here suggesting a pairing with 800Ds:


So it seems there's at least some consensus re: that combo having synergy.

You might want to also check out Revel Salon 2s. I have a pair driven by a Plinius SB-301, and let's just say that while I personally don't need more power, they are power hogs by design and wouldn't complain one bit about being driven by your 600 wpc monsters. And of course you should check out the Sashas too, with the only caveat there that they are not as forgiving of a less than perfect room than the Salon 2s.
How would you guys describe the sonic differences between Revel Salon vs Sasha vs 800Diamond?
Sashas are very dynamic and have a curved tonal balance emphasizing the highs and lows - I wouldn't call them "boom and sizzle" per se but they are voiced slightly in that direction. Their bass is superb and the highs perhaps a bit bright but detailed and revealing. Due to their voicing I'd think they are best used in damped rooms that are either not reflective or have been treated (which was not my situation). They have a good soundstage but don't have a large sweet spot - when you move the sound changes. They are said even by those who sell them to be quite finicky in terms of setup; the dealer where I auditioned them (Take 5 Audio in New Haven) said that Wilson sends someone out to both deliver the speakers and set them up to ensure their best performance. They also like power - the pair I heard were driven by a nice 150 wpc Audio Research integrated amp, and at volume they clearly wanted more than what they were getting, so don't be fooled by the 91db sensitivity number.

Revel Salon 2s are slightly less dynamic and have a more neutral tonal balance. Notwithstanding that they are 4-way speakers with 6 drivers, I think their sound is a bit better integrated than the Sashas and that they "disappear" more. They do a fantastic job of reproducing percussion and piano, while I would give the Sashas a slight edge on electric guitar. Their tweeter is superb: incredibly revealing without the Sashas' brightness that I thought might tend towards fatiguing during long listening sessions in my room. Their bass is also very powerful; not as thick or enveloping as the Sashas but perhaps a little tighter and plenty capable of filling a large room. The midrange is clean and uncolored and they do well with both male and female vocals. Where they truly excel is in soundstaging and dispersion: you can actually hear a damn good stereo image while walking BEHIND them. The sweet spot is large, with quite acceptable sound with cognizable soundstage dispersed both outward toward the outer walls and also deep into the room well past the nearfield. They are power hogs and would handle what your Nemos can deliver.

I chose the Salon 2s for my new system because they went better with my heavily-glassed sunroom than the Sashas would have, and also because I like to move around the room, which doubles as my office. I may well have chosen the Sashas instead for a dedicated, well-damped mancave where I'd have sat in the sweet spot the whole time. Both are excellent speakers even though one may be better than the other in certain specific applications.

My most recent B&W experience has been with the 802 Diamonds and not the 800 Diamonds, and I was not impressed by them - they seemed to be accurate enough, but they did not excite me in the least. I'm sure someone else can speak to the 800D's virtues and you should give their remarks more weight than mine.
Well, since Revels are nowhere to be found in Moscow and I totally hated the Sophias when I auditioned them last week (the room was huge and perfectly treated and they were driven by Wadia/Pass Labs system through Nordost Valhallas and Shunyata Anacondas) I guess it's between 801 and 800 for me now! And while I understand that 800 Diamond must be a more advanced and sophisticated speaker which is more room friendly not to mention gorgeous I stilll lust for that ultimate Hi End Vinnie the Pooh 801D!
Well, I auditoned KEF Blade yesterday and it's indeed a very impressive speaker but it's looks and shape is way too unocvnetional for me so I guess it's between 801 and 800. Since 801 is rare as a virgin in a whorehouse these days I'll have to settle for 800 Diamond. Hope I made the right choice.
My Nemos drive pair of Nordic Tones 1. Nordic, though, do not need all the power Nemo has to offer but they do respond well with more power for sure. Nordics are sealed Design and the way they project Full sound is unparalleled to the even this high prices Range. Sweet, Grain free Highs, Full and Deep Low end, crisp yet hefty and life like mids. , they sound as if they are in complete sync with Amp in terms of Synergy and PRAT. Nemo amp on the other hand are powerful enough for any speaker and can make any speaker sound its best. I had X16 bookshelf and they never sounded as good as they sound with Nemo. Nemo makes them sing. I have tried Nemo with Josephs and Aerial Acoustics’s. Nordics are far ahead.
Vandersteen.  They have speakers from $1500 to $164k on their website.  The 2CE , at $2500, are often called the best value in speakers 'but they require high-current amplification found in Electrocompaniet amplifiers.'