Spendor SP 1/2e....TECH HELP NEEDED!


Hey all, I figured this is the best place to get some advice for my spendor sp1/2e's that I grabbed for about 1k off of shopgoodwill a while back (I know, I know, not ideal).

Love the sound, and absolutely blown away by the midrange. Killer speaker all around and by far the best I've run.

Unfortunately, it looks like the right speaker is failing. I think both the mid tweeter and the woofer. The right speakeer sound is noticeably less than the left, clarity is all off. Sound is muddy, mid is buried, and volume is lower. When I press the woofer, there's a slight scratch (voice coil?) and I have a feeling they're due for a tune up or an upgrade.

I've paired to Scott 222, Marantz 2285b, Marantz 2240 and an ArcamA19 and the problem is persistent.

I have found new tweeters, and midrange drivers (the same scanspeak models as the cabinet) that are available for purchase.

Should I go about finding replacement scanspeak drivers and upgrading/replacing the set or should I ditch them and go to something else?

If I were to ditch and get new speakers, budget is roughly $2k ish. Would prefer to keep repairs below $1500.

Was thinking about ditching and going with either the Falcons LS3/5a or some used Harbeths (but have never heard either). My fear is that trying to stay in the spendor line and go new is going to be the classics ($14k) and thats not an option.

Thoughts on what to do?


You have an excellent speaker and it's well worth replacing the damaged parts. I first bought my 1/2e's in 2002, sold them 10 years later, then bought another set in 2017 and this pair isn't going anywhere. The new Spendor Classic series pales in comparison to what you own, which were made when Spencer and Derek Hughes were still with the company. For your stated budget you would be hard pressed to do better and get something with a midrange as magical as the 1/2e. This coming from someone who owns 3 pairs of Quad ESL 57s.

you can also try the spendor user group for advice... seems pretty dedicated to keeping the lovely age old sp series speakers alive and kickin’

several of the main players in the development of the original spendor series (now known as the classic series) are there and contribute with advice regularly (derek hughes, terry miles, etc etc)


Okay, so I purchased replacement tweeters and mids. Now, I need to new woofers or upgrade woofers. 

Anyone know if there's a way to get in touch with Derek direct to ask suggestions for woofers?


Do yourself a big favor and call Bill at Millersound.

They do fantastic work, are quick, and very reasonable.  You will not be disappointed.  Search A'gon for accolades.  There is likely no need to buy new woofers.  Probably should have had them repair your other drivers also, but water under the bridge.

Millersound Speaker Refoaming, Speaker Reconing and Repair Services



You will be very happy with them when they are restored. Great speakers. What's the condition of the cabinets by the way? 

Well then, you've got a great set of speakers there that you'll really enjoy and be proud to show off. They are old school for sure, but I love that. I had the SP100's twice and loved them. 

The first thing I would try is borrow a integrated amp from someone .

Its possible it’s not your speakers but a channel on your electronics .

rule of thumb. Always confirm ,by testing every combination .

your equipment sounds old all the more reason to check ,1 bad or old capacitor or resistor can compromise a channel.

All 3 of the Marantz units (2285b, 2240, 2235b) and the Arcam A19 unit are integrated. The only tube is the 222.

Is it possible a crossover is at fault? And not a driver?

My SP2/2 are 35 years old and drivers are working great (ESL57 owner)

I did some testing. Swapped amps and tables. Turns out there's a bit going on. 

Tweeter in left speaker is out, mid in right speaker is out. Woofers work fine it looks like, at least from a movement standpoint.

The plan now is to replace the tweeters and the mids in both cabinets, reassess and more than likely send the drivers in to Millersound to be restored after hearing them.

Hoping to get them as close to back to baseline as possible.


Before you do anything else I recommend that you join the Spendor user group at the link below.  There are guys on this forum who have enormous experience with troubleshooting and restoring Spendors, and specifically the BC-1 line. Best of luck.