spikes , cones or platforms?

I have THIEL 2.4 and SS2 sub. They are on carpet on a wood floor. Has anybody experimented with spikes(soundanchors,oregonav) or cones(DH,BDR,stillpoints) or platforms(symposium,mapleshade)? Or a combonation of spikes and soft isolation? What is your experience?
My house is only ten years old, but when I spiked my subs the whole floor shook. Sorry, but their is no substitute for trial and error. Try a box of sand on top of the sub.
"their is no substitute for trial and error"
Samujohn is right, this is exactly what it boils down to!
I got a nice set of spikes with the CS2.4's so I hope that you didnt get cheated. My feelings are being that Thiel designs with mass and quality construction so resonance shouldnt be an issue unless improperly setup. By the way, SS2 is next on my list If I can find one in Walnut

Yes, trial and error. So that the trials don't break the bank due to absurd overpricing, you might check out International Equipment Components (google it) for inexpensive generic feet. To isolate my VR4s, I got eight leveler feet, added 1/4 inch of cork and a layer of felt, and for under $20, voila.