SS preamp suggestion with built-in phono section

I’m looking for suggestions for a solid state preamp (or integrated amp) with built-in phono section for MM or MC.  The budget is $3-5k. 


Sanders Sound "The Preamp"


 amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in home 30 day trial, don't like it, send back. 

You will keep, so many features, amazing volume control, increments, 



Take a look and listen to the Michi P5 preamp or the X3 integrated. Both are very much the cutting-edge in terms of engineering, features and design. They not only have very good phono stages on-board (only MM support on the X3; X5 supports both MM and MC), but also have full streaming capabilities and DACs with support for everything, including DSD, MQA and PCM up to 32/384.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Michi ever since Rotel decided to re-introduce their high-end line back to America and the reviews for all their models have been universally positive…just do a web search or check out YouTube.

Short of going to the ultra high-end solid-state gear from Mola Mola, Boulder, D’angostino, D’art Zeel, etc., Michi would probably be my choice if I ever move from my Audio Research amps, line-stage and phono pre-amp.

Good luck and Happy Listening!