Stealth cables comparison

Can some of Stealth cable users please provide down to earth feedback on Stealth cable product lines: IC,PC,and speaker cables? How do they compare against the Cardas, Nordost, NBS, Audio Magic, or XLO. The cable designer is very nice and knowledgeable and all I need now is some of the user's community feedback on these products. Thanks in advance and happy new year to all.
Can only speak for the IC's. CHEAP. Not worth the price. The wire is silver and microscopic. Smaller than 28ga. RCA connector's were brass rather than the advertised gold plated. Cut the covers off the jacks and a chrome plating underneath the jackets peeled off. Far better value in Homegrown or Pure Silver Sound.
Stealth Ultimate Ribbon versus Nordost SPM Reference cable. SPM's retail price is around 3000$, 2.nd hand 1.500 USD. Associated equipment, Revell Salon speakers D&B Lab mono pair of custom made tube amps and pre Goldmund CD Player 1-TREBLE UR is dramatically better at treble. Treble is such a clean, silky, detailed. Body of instrutments and soundstage is very obvious with UR. SPM is not such detailed and clean at treble. The differency is certain, no doubt 2-BASS UR carries greater load of bass to speaker. SPM has weakness in the bass, UR has full of bass with lower extension. 3-MIDS That seems to be the weakness of UR's which mids are clearly behind of SPM in terms of volume level (not the quality or naturality) With SPM, mids come to front, vocals, instrutments come to front and clearly defined, but with UR, they go back. STEALTH VARIDIG DIGITAL XLR to CARDAS LIGHTENING DIGITAL Stealth is softer, silky and more natural.
Speaker cables: I found Stealth Premier and Ultimate Ribbon (UR) both clearly better in all respects that Audio Magic Spellcaster. A comment on Puubie's comment: he must have seen the entry level Stealth, which is not the one to compare with other models Klin mentions. But ... thin to the point of "microscopic" is GOOD! The only classic theory on this topic, M. O. Hawksford's "The Essex Echo". explains WHY IC wire MUST be thin. In the top Stealth IC, the PGS ("pure gold signal"), the gold wire is half the thickness of a human hair--and the sound is like nothing else I've ever heard. (Disclosure: I know the Stealth designer, though I met him through a wire purchase.) I've found all the Stealth cables very competitive with other brands, in fact a great value. But a money-back guarantee removes the risk. In an IC, I'd try both the CWS (copper litz design) and a silver ribbon type, and send back the one you like least.
Thank you all very much for your fast and informative responses. I sincerely appreciate your time for these feedbacks. May I please follow up with these questions: 1. Puubie - Would you consider trying Stealth top-line models if they let you return within 30 days? Is it worth the effort to even try? As a consummer, we all need to know the good and the bad of any product before we make a purchase and I appreciate your feedback on the product's flaw. How do you rate PSS or Audio Magic or Straightwire? 2. Oatalay - Your analysis is very informative and that is exactly the kind of information I needed for making decision. Based on your analysis, the mid is the weakest point of the UR. How do you cope with this weakness since you have tube equipment and the mid is what shined most. Are you keeping the UR or the SPM? Have you tried XLO Sig. 5.1, Tara lab Master or Decade, Analysis Plus oval silver or 9, or NBS products? 3. Tom_nice - You have tried both the Premier and the UR. Could you please let me know what you like most and least about the Premier and the UR? Which one do you keep and for what reason? Also, are you tube or solid state owner? Have you tried their power cables (M-7)?
I try previously Stealth interconnect. This company really market to Asian market. Sound balance is not correct. The products sound unnatural and like not professional like high cable. The music regions sounds diconnected from each other. Bass, midrange, and treble not flowing into each other well.If you need to then try. But I do recommend other cables.
Masushi614 - What do you recommend as an alternative? Also, have you tried their power cables or speaker cables? As always, I appreciated any feedback you all have.
Admittedly the IC's I purchased were not top of the line. They did retail for $80.00 and for that price I expect at least a much better RCA jack. The jacks on these cables were less than can be purchased at RS. The jackets looked like something made by Fisher price. The Homegrown's for the same price are of a much superior quality. The Pure Silver Sound for a little more are vastly superior.
Puubie, I'm assuming you have the ETS. I also have the ETS and am upgrading to the SCR with full credit given on the purchase of the ETS. I also have the Premier speaker cables and have to say that I think they're pretty good sounding cables.
Dear Klin By the comparision with the other cables, I definetely choosed UR. This cable is liquid, silky and very fast. Which cables we compared against to UR are Nordost SPM Reference/MIT 750 CVT/Audioquest Dragon/Transparent Jumper cable for Watt/Puppy I also use CWS (Going to upgrade to M-7Signature) but unfortunately no possibility to compare it with other cables due to it is 2,5 meters long and XLR>RCA Thanks.. Ozhan
Klin, sorry to be so slow getting back to you. I like the UR better than the Premier, used woth Quad ESL 63's and either Pass Aleph 3's, a pair used as monoblocks, or with Atma-Spher M60 II's, true monoblocks. I think it's the ESL's that are decisive here. I like the Premiers in another system using Dunlavy SC-II's and subwoofers. The Premiers can pass a lot of current, but I don't need that with the Quad speakers.
Thank you all very much for your candid feedback. Special thanks to Tom_nice and Oatalay for your indepth knowledge on these products. I will certainly give Stealth a trial run for my Sonic Frontiers system.