stereo for someone special

I'm thinking of putting together a stereo for my mom and am curious if anyone else has attempted this. It would be awesome if I could pair non power hungry floor standing speakers with a tube integrated where the source would be the dvd/cd player.
Good luck! I've been trying to do the same for my mom (who loves music) for years and she has ZERO or even less interest. I guess she figures her living room would end up looking like mine even though I've told her it doesn't have to.
Yeah, seriously, make sure she likes the way it looks first. Then find something that sounds good and has any features important to HER, not you, as well to boot.

How about this.
I have listen to it at Ralph Glasgal (Audiophonics)house and it sounds really nice.

more pics, and another one

I would love to own one and I'm sure your mother would too.

The sound fills the room quite nicely - there is no volume control :) but I am sure there is an old pair of sacks which will do the trick.
I am sorry.
for whatever reason the links do not work but here are the pics from that event.
I am sure you can guess what I had in mind.
The Linn classic might be a nice all in one solution.
The Arcam Solo is another good choice.
I agree with the all in one options with a small pair of speakers. Perhaps a Peachtree Decco or Nova with a pair of Usher s-520's, colour matched to her decor.
Does she want this? Or is she like my mother and Classic95's mother? Not interested.
Are we so obsessive as to believe that everyone wants what we want? Isn't it possible that some people could care less about stereo equipment?

And you are actually thinking about a tube amp no less.

Maybe she'll get you a sewing machine in return.
How about a Squeezebox Boom or similar WiFi internet table radio? These would be my audio gift of choice for most.

Very inconspicuous and no wires except power chord. Variety of music available for free cannot be beat. Sound is good enough for most.
Get her a bose, she will love it.
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He's right! Are you buying this for her or yourself?

Do you sew?
Is she a music listener/lover, if not I wouldn't bother. My mother would be happier with a plasma television, but that's her. However, this is a really nice gesture on your part and if you decide to do it, I would suggest solid state over tubes simply because she won't have to worry about tube replacement and all of the other maintenance associated with tubes.
Without specifying equipment my inclination would be a hybrid integrated (low maintenance; swap the input tubes every few years; still get some tube effect), solid state CD player and small floor standers that will work well close to the wall. Think about a nice stand that matches her furniture, too, if she doesn't have something serviceable.

That said, I'm siding with C'man (and others). The sound staging, 3D imaging, etc. doesn't matter to most folks. It's more about aesthetics and convenience. That and her telling friends, "Look what my son bought for me!"

Hey, she's your mom. What do you think?
Thanks for all the responses, I have to say that after posting this thread I did feel a little weird. Which is to say that I probably deserve the "Do I like to sew" comment.haha! Truth be told I feel as if everyone should have some kind of music box and know that my mom currently plays cd's through her dvd to flat screen tv speakers happily. Maybe I should just buy more cd's. It's not as if sit down listening sessions will be held but hey who know's right?

I decided to take the plunge. The cd portion of my mom's sharper image stereo has been acting up and then for some reason my dad got her an i-pod. So I decided now was my chance to act and got her this Teac. Now I just need to find some speakers, it sounds pretty good driving a pair of Vandersteen 1's but she definitely won't want them. I'm thinking a single driver maybe from Omega. They head to Florida for most of January so I have some time plus I need to know where she's going to want to put it. I'll start a separate thread re: speakers but thought I would follow up here.

At the risk of generalizing; I don't know many women (actually, one) who enjoy what we affectionately call "critical listening" - that is, sitting down in front of two speakers and listening to music without any other distractions. Most of the women I know (wife, daughter, friends wives, etc) play music as background noise while doing other things. Seldom is their attention focused on the music, and when it is it always sounds good enough whether the source is a $20K system or a Wave Radio.

The one exception I know is my younger daughter, who is a music major in college and spins vinyl. She will sit in her listening chair in her room and listen to classical and opera recordings. But my recent atempts to upgrade her Nuforce Icon system to something better were rebuffed by the audiophile ego-shattering phrase "it's good enough, Dad!" She's definately not an audiophile... yet.
well I've since got her a bluray disc player instead and she loves it in combination with the flatscreen my dad got her. One splurge was the snakeskin covered Sony hdmi cable that I couldn't resist to connect up with. I did after all get new Nintendo technology when I was a wee young lad