Stiff power cords are frustrating

Just venting...I want good power cords to connect my gear but trying to work with some of these very stiff power cords is just frustrating. Due to my somewhat confined rack setup, I'm going to have to find the right compromise of good power cord and flexible enough to work with in a confined workspace.
There have been many times when I have thought about going back to stock power cords for this very reason.
I use wire ties to tie the cords to the rack's back supports (both the ties and rack are black, so not noticeable much). This keeps the cords from hanging and pulling on the component that they are attached to. Also, where the cord plugs into the component, I use a sorbothane footer between the plug and shelf to keep securely plugged in. You kind of have to be crafty with stiff cords - I use all Virtual Dynamics cables and cords - they are very stiff, but this can be managed with a bit of ingenuity. I must say that I do not have a confined workspace like yourself, but you may be able to use my techniques somehow. HeyÂ…nobody said this hobby was easy!
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Shunyata Helix cords are really flexible and not that heavy. Audience is very flexible.
Virtual Dynamics are very stiff, but can be "pre-bent" into shape. the other problem if the cord is heavy is the pull on the IEC sockets. You have to put something under the female IEC plug of the power cord to keep it level.
I have experience with DCCAs, Electraglide Epiphany and Elrod EPS-2. These are all fine cords but will need open rack to install them.
Pick the cord that sounds best, if its stiff, then pre-bend it into shape. I've found that this works great. Don't struggle with it, look at how you want it to go, then pre-bend it, then put it into place. I've had the VD Nite, Master and Revelation series. Yes they are stiff, but they sound very good, and when pre-bent there is not as much of a struggle.

FIM cords are extremely stiff, but may be bent into position. Not knowing how limited your space is, these may or may not work. I find them to be the best cords for my system.
I dumped my Anacondas for this very reason. Try the Pure Note Paragons, small diameter with none of the fillers, and flexible. I use them on all my gear. FWIW.
TG are quite flexible, Analysis Plus also flexible, Shunyata Taipan and Python flexible as well.
Zu Audios Mother is a top class piece that I have used.. It is like a pipe cleaner its stiff, but very flexable, what I mean is that when you bend it it stays in the shape you bend it in like a pipe cleaner, it is realitivley thin to fit thru mostly anything, and its still like a 9 gauge effective copper and silver cable.. Also pretty resonable pricing, and it has good reviews with money back guarantee.