Stock Leben Hi-Fi Power Cord

Could someone please help me identify stock power cords shipped with Leben CS300XS, CS600 and RS30EQ. I think they are all the same. Want to go back to the stock cord of each but cannot remember what they look like. Any identifying print on the cable or connectors?
You do know of course that the whole point of freebie rubber power cords is to leave them in the shipping box so they will be there for the next audiophile to not use?
+1 what MC said. Or, use them to break everything in, then go crazy with aftermarket...
Ok, to answer the question. Generally a larger gauge would go with an amp, lower gauge, sources. That’s about it. They really are “generic”.

My Leben came with 18AWG/10A/125V power cord. The markings on IEC plug show ‘STARGAZER STC 18B’. The PC has 3 single runs bonded together externally instead of usual three conductors in a PVC sleeve, typically what you get with a lamp :-)
Hope this helps!