Streamer/DAC/Crossover Combo

I've been running an Innuos streamer/server into a PS DirectStream into a Marchand XM66 two-way xover - into subs and Quad 63/988s - for about five years now. 

That front end got me to finally sell off the vinyl side (especially with the library of DSD128 recording I made). I bought and sold a huge amount of digital gear in pursuing that setup, which finally did every. I have zero complaints with it, sonically. None.

But I've been out of the game for that five years and perhaps there is something better now. Or, something just as good, but simpler. I would like to simplify things, if possible.


- Server must play from onboard memory ("drives") and streaming services - Qobuz at least which is what I use

- Must support DSD256 and 32/384 PCM

- Crossover ideally in the digital domain. If analog, must support at least 24 dB/octave slope and must have adjustable crossover point

Budget is up to $10K.

Will also consider server + DAC (no crossover) for same price range. 


There are many server/DAC units, but I haven't seen any with digital crossovers as well. It's a cool idea to do the crossover while the signal is in it's original digital. About the only thing that comes to mind is the DEQX Pre-mate, but I don't think it will stream or has any option for adding a SSD drive.

your best bet a tinov anythist


all digital crossover, state of the art dac and preamp, the most advanced room correction on the market,roon compatible


Dave and Troy

audio intellect NJ


Trinov dealer


Ok, let's forget the built-in server. How about a primo DAC with crossover, in either digital or analog?