Streamer question

I've looked and looked and can't find the answer to my question.

I use a Bluesound Node to stream both Spotify and Qobuz.  The Bluesound lets me use the web app that I downloaded to my Ipad to play music.

I want to upgrade, but I'm not seeing whether or not that is possible.  Most of the better streamers ($2000 or so) seem to have their own software which I would rather not use.

Anybody know the answer to this?

Thank you!



You might look into the Bryston BDP 2 or 3.  I owned the 3, which sounded fantastic.  The big negative, and the reason that I got rid of it, was the lack of an app.  You have to use Bryston Manic Moose, a web based application that I hated.

The BDP-3 player is a great unit. The software is not elegant, but the OP could use Rigelian on his iPad, which is a lot more slick.

+1 for Innuos. There will be a used pulse mini plus the zen lpsu power supply at Olsen HiFi in Lynnwood WA as I upgraded to the Pulse. If interested, should be available around the 10th of December. Good luck 🍀 in your search. 

Hi @jzzmusician 

I have a Bluesound Node and added an external DAC, Denafrips Terminator II connected via USB. This DAC is more expensive than what your price point but they do have some that are lower price points.  This way you can improve the sound but keep the user interface.

+1 upshift

I have added a better DAC to my Bluesound Node a few times. In every case I got better sound, much better with the Denafrips Pontus 12 anniversary DAC (much like upshift had done with his Terminator II). You can also upgrade to an external linear power supply, which can also lower noise. Of course, in all things audio, upgrading to a much more expensive and better streamer will result in better sound. The Bluesound devices can get to a certain quality of sound for what they cost (just like any audio component). A new Corvette can be modified and souped up to outperform that basic model but it will not outperform a Formula 1 race car.

Upgrade your DAC first then consider a streamer if you need it. I really have not found a huge difference with streamers sound quality, unlike the DAC it feeds. 

I've gone through 4 streamers in the last couple years and sold them all, last one was an Aurender A10 (software was just mediocre at best).

Software is hit or miss on all of them, reason I recently went to a Chord streamer 2GO/2YU as it uses the native streaming services app, or any playback method used on your phone/tablet. Just select the Chord as the output device and use what ever app is running like the tidal app or YouTube app etc.