Streamer question

I've looked and looked and can't find the answer to my question.

I use a Bluesound Node to stream both Spotify and Qobuz.  The Bluesound lets me use the web app that I downloaded to my Ipad to play music.

I want to upgrade, but I'm not seeing whether or not that is possible.  Most of the better streamers ($2000 or so) seem to have their own software which I would rather not use.

Anybody know the answer to this?

Thank you!


All I really want is a better streamer and I'd like the option of using the Spotify app or the Qobuz app and not proprietary software, i.e., "Conductor."

I use the Qobuz app, but from what I’ve read from others the Innuos Sense app is much better although not sure how it works with Qobuz.  And the search function in Qobuz absolutely sucks ass. 

Sometimes change can seem intimidating or just a hassle. I have two Node's no longer in use. Move on and give it a few weeks. You won't look back.

BTW, I have Lumin u2 mini with Roon in one room and Aurender N200 in the other.

Getting a streamer with a decent app is difficult. After going through 4 streamers without getting anywhere near what I wanted from an app I had to bite the bullet and sign up to Roon. While it can be complicated finding your way around what Roon does and how it is by far the best music management system available. Like you I hated the Conductor app and preferred the native Qobuz app but could only use it via Airplay which doesn't stream hirez.

If you think that BluuOS is a great app keep it. You will be restricted to NAD (Lenbeook) Not much of an upgrade path. 

Or put on your BB pants and move on. You’ll find it’s usually better to have a dedicated app for a given player. Pro-Jest S2 Ultra and miniDSP SHD have custom versions of Volumio that I prefer to BluOS. I generally like PiCcrePlayer even better. I only use my Node a couple of times a year.

I tried Roon, did not think it worth paying for.

My wife is taking a course and requires a Microsoft computer.  I was left without my roon core Microsoft surface.  Used qobuz via chromecast audio instead of my roon player.  Was shocked at how close the sound quality was.  I know the testing specs are awful on chromecast audio at 70 dollars but hardly noticed  from ultra rendu opticsl