Began limited streaming two years ago, and more dedicated last year.  Primary system was qobuz into sonore ultra rendu as a roon player. Usb out to dac.  Now that I have added Amazon hd and try to stream from an android tablet it recognize a chromecast audio device, but not the ultra rendu.  This outputs toslink to the dac and has very good sq, but prefer the ultra rendu.  Any suggestions?




Just out of interest, Qobuz is generally the choice of audiophiles because of it’s quality and high resolution library. My audio dealer bugged me for a year (I was using Tidal, the 2nd favorite), when I finally tried it, I instantly switched. No other one for me. Why do you want another?

I find the playlists on Amazon preferable for discovering new music, or covers of favorites, much like Spotify.  Qobuz is behind the curve in their playlist and a bit repetitive.   Any help with my system? 

I gave up on Amazon. Hold your breath for Spotify.

Amazon plays with decent streamers as well as Bezos showed up in Edwardsville.


Amazing how well the chromecast audio works for 45 dollars plus toslink.  No dropouts.  My dac just was designed best for usb

If your streaming hardware is not on the approved list on Amazon's website the HD is not going to work. They show no inclination to expand that list of approved vendors.