Streaming only for Tidal Premium

A long time audiophile, nowadays, I only listen to TIDAL Premium through USB Audio Player Pro using an Android tablet connected with a long USB cable to one of a few DACs.  I use the tablet like a juke box and rarely listen to my own music collection.

I have a couple of DIY DACs, a Sabaj D5, and have a Dennafrips Ares 2 on the way .I generally do not use a preamp. The amps are Krell KSA100, Classe AMP2, and Parasound A21. Speakers will generally be B&W 705 S2.  I may change components regularly.

I know little to nothing about streamers but I thought a streamer would get rid of the USB cable and give me more flexibility and potentially better SQ.

I would like recommendations of a streamer that could connect to my wifi server and TIDAL, with software that is equal to or better than USBAudioPlayerPro.

I would like to be able to control the volume and the streamer/TIDAL with an android app. 
A streamer is what you need.  You connect it to your wifi modem via wifi or wire (ethernet cable).  I don't know if one of the DACs you have on the way is a streamer/DAC or not.  The streamer I use is a Bluesound Node 2.

I connect it to my wifi modem by cat 6 ethernet cable and to my DAC with a digital coaxial cable.  I downloaded the Bluesound app (BluOs) to my tablet from the Google Play store (it's free).

Once I did the setup for the app, I just open it up, select Tidal and browse Tidal for what I want to listen to.  My tablet connects to my streamer wirelessly through my wifi.

Hope this helps.
You didn't mention a budget.  I use an Ayre QX-5 Twenty that receives Ethernet to play Qobuz and Tidal, downloaded, and ripped files via Roon.  Balanced analog goes to an Ayre KX-5 Twenty, but a preamp is optional.  The sound quality is superb.  In a secondary setup I use a much less expensive ultraRendu that receives Ethernet and outputs USB to an Ayre Codex DAC.  Roon runs on a Mac Mini and is controlled by an iPad.
The three ecosystems I know of that are popular are Volumio, Roon and BlueOS.

The one issue I have with Roon is that it requires a reasonably well powered core (server), but after that  your streamers can be relatively cheap. I use a Raspberry Pi 4 at my DAC, and have my music collection in a closet with the server.
be aware that despite the name, Premium is Tidal's low quality audio service, and that HiFi is their CD quality service...confusing choice of labels...
+1 for the Roon "ecosystem" I really enjoy reading about the music and musicians while listening and "navigating" to recommendations. It's worth the $10 a month to me. BTW, the sound quality and ability to DSD upsample is the icing on the cake. As Erik said, you need a robust server to run the program. I'm satisfied with my Small Green Computer I5 being utilized solely as a Roon server.
Thank you for your input.  I will take a look at the options.  

I was apparently wrong about my Tidal service.   I get MQA so it may be the highest level.  

Because I only want to stream I probably don't want to set up a server or even another PC for that matter.  However, if I could easily do it with a Raspberry Pi that might be fun. 

I prefer a streaming device that I can control through wifi using an android tablet. I can connect the device using and ethernet connection.

I don't have a budget, but a Bluesound Node 2i would be no problem.  I could easily spend more if there were additional features that would make it worth the money to me. 

Also, I prefer not to buy a unit that includes a DAC and other features that I would rather not pay for. 
Wondering if I would benefit from a sever like @tuberist suggested?Currently have all my music on a 2tb external HD connected to my IMac. Running Roon to my Squeeze Box Touch( looking to replace soon) which Is connected to my Oppo 105 Via USB. What benefit would I gain with the server? Thanks.
BluOs is a very easy to use wifi interface on an Android tablet that also allows access to internet radio, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Radio Paradise and other music services (some require subscriptions, of course).

BluOs is all you need unless you want to use Roon, which provides a lot more metadata (liner notes, music recommendations, etc.). Roon costs $200/ year or $700 for a lifetime subscription. Many consider it well worth the money.

The Node 2i is also probably all the streamer you need. You may get better sound quality from more expensive streamers, but IMHO you get better bang for the buck if you put that money into a better DAC.

For $500 the Node 2i is also a great place to start because you can sell it for a minimal (by audiophile standards) loss if you don’t like it for whatever reason.
I went ahead and ordered a Node 2i.  This will give me a chance to evaluate the technology and decide if I might like something from the higher end. 
Node 2i should arrive today.  Excited to check it out and compare to my wired solution.  
Consider going with a Naim Uniti Star.  I recently got one and it is paired with my B&W 702 S2's and it is the best audio acquisition I've made.  Love it and can definitely hear a significant difference between 44.1/16 and higher res streams.