Stupid remote or stupid user

I am trying to delete my previously “learned” functions for my CD player from one of my input keys (game) on my remote as I have switched to a different input. (SAT). I am following the instructions in the manual but no matter how much I try, it does not delete. I have programmed the new device key successfully and now I want to clear out the old “game” key.

Is it me or the remote?



What remote?

I am having multiple intermittent problems with IR remotes lately. I’m blaming the recent massive solar flares.

I've had + results with Sony VL600 learning remotes for decades.

If you are under 10 years old it's the remote, otherwise look in the mirror.

Nice. But I guess I asked for that.

Anyway, I just did a factory reset on the remote and started over again. All’s good.