SUB - Confuse?

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to upgrade my HT sub (Velodyne SPL-10)because of my wife and daughter's increasing CD listening time lately. They enjoy the current sub but I felt like I can give them better integration than what I currently have.
On this rig, I have a Sony CD player doing the work. On my separate dedicated 2 channel system, I have a Jolida JD100 and a Teres 255 as the source. Although my 2 channel set up is very good, my wife and daughter does not want to touch it. They will never subscribe to waiting for the tube cd player and preamp to warm up before they can listen to their CD nor cleaning the cartridge and vinyl before they can set the needle down to listen to records.

With that said, I've been reading a lot of threads and reviews about subs. Here's my confusion about my researcch.

1.) REL very musical, integrates well, easy placement. But why is it that there are so many people selling their REL's (Strata and Storm is what I am considering)? For 5 weeks (I've been making a tally), I've seen 9 Stratas (currently 3 at the moment)and 8 Storms in Audiogon alone.

2.) SVS - more power, "rock" your vowels to the max" approach. Musical integration for 2 CH a question?

3.) ACI Titan - Looks to die for, bulky, some reviewers swear better than the two mentioned above in terms of musicality. Why only few(base on reviews I can find) bought them compared to the above mentioned subs?

4.) HSU VFT-3 - the dark horse in the bunch with respect to price and aesthetics. very good performance and value ratio from reports posted by their owners. Too good to be true?

For simplicity sake, assuming that I will move this to my 2 CH set up of:
ML Ascents, Odyssey Monos, Octal 6A Triplex and ARC LS-12 preamps, Jolida JD 100 cd player, Teres 255 TT, Wright Sound WPP100C preamp, Lundahl step up, OL Silver arm, Benz ACE lo, and Acoustic Zen Hologram and Empirical Audio wirings

Which one will you choose? Please explain your choice if you don't mind.

Thank you very much and pardon the inconvenience.

For music I'd go with the REl.

Don't put too much stock in what you see for sale. I've been on Audiogon for three years and have seen times when there are no RELs available and times when there are a lot of them. I've noticed the same trend for other popular components as well. It has nothing to do with their being bad, and I suspect more to do with coincidence or the economy.

I've heard many great comments on the ACI Titans, but I think the reason you see less of them for sale is because there are LESS of them out there. That and having a REL is more of a status symbol. I prefer its looks to the Titan as well. To me the Titan looks like it's ready for blast off, while the REL draws less attention to itself. Just a personal thing.

Ultimately it comes down to what sounds and looks best to you and your family.
Dont count out Definitive Technologys, they make some pretty fine subs at very attractive prices.

I have a buddy with a Velodyne SPl-10, and i like my Definitive ProSub 200 a little bit better.
What did you wind up with on your 2 channel? I've been considering the same subs. I listen primarily to CD's, so I'm looking for musicallity and good integration with my Ascents.
So you are upgrading your sub for the sake of your wife and kids?

Rationalization at it's best. :>)
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Thanks for all the contributors. I appreciate all the inputs!

Yes, I am upgrading the sub for my wife and my kids to enjoy their movies and music. I do not see anything wrong with that. You see, I have an HT/2ch room set up and a dedicated 2 channel room set up where my CD player and my Teres TT resides. I just want them to get at least a percentage of what I am hearing in my dedicated 2 ch system.
Not long ago, I upgraded the interconnects in the HT rig and to my amazement, my wife and my kids noticed the difference. As a result, my wife voluntarily increase her contributions to my audio fund. From this experience, I believe my rationalization is intact would you think?

Thanks again to all who respond!

"I upgraded the interconnects in the HT rig and to my amazement, my wife and my kids noticed the difference. As a result, my wife voluntarily increase her contributions to my audio fund..."

Wow. Does she have a sister?
Perosnally if your looking for a great sub or subs for your 2 channel audio section I would look at Revel's B15 sub.

I used to sell Rel and though they are a good sub, for the money they are nowhere near the sound quality of the B15.

The B15 sub from Revel( ) is unique in which its probably the most flexible sub on the planet. It has both single ended and xlr inputs/outputs, along with level,frequency, and selectable 24/48db per octave lowpass, along with selectable high pass for your mains. Now add on top of this the fact that is has an infinitely variable 3 band EQ with boost/Q/freq control contours and a special cd that allows you to dial the sub into ANY room environment. And this is just the control set.

The actual sub is a sealed 15" long throw excursion sub with a 1000 watt amplifier(1400 watt dynamic ability)coupled to a 2.25" mdf braced cabinet that is almost resonant free. You can find these online for under $2000 used or about $2300 new. Its the absolute biggest bargain on the planet. The Rel's are garbage in terms of SQ compared to these at any pricepoint. ANyone who has ever owned a B15 will tell you there is no upgrade in terms of SQ from this sub. ANd thats a fact regardless of money spent.
Thanks and your suggestion will be highly considered!

No, but she has a beautiful cousin! But already married to my twin brother who's a doctor. So, good luck if you still want to pursue this. Just kidding!( the "pursuing" part but the rest is true). Anyway, thanks for your response as well.

Just remember, when I say REL is "garbage" Im basically talking in the realm of SQ and ability for a sub to properly contour to your room environment and main speakers. Rel actually has a really good fit and finish. But they are nothing more than very basic subwoofers. Revel's B15 would be a first choice. Vandersteen's 2 series sub would be a distant 2nd choice.
I don't know too much about the other subs mentioned. I have a REL stadium III which I really like. I would agree with Ritteri on the point of flexibility relative to the settings. I changed main amps a few weeks ago and was glad the REL could crossover at a lower value since the new amp was better in the bass region. Some subs won't allow you to crossover at 24k or 28k cycles and I think that is a mistake. To be able to blend the sub is very important. If the Revel is better than the REL in that be it. I have found that a tight, flexible sub is where you want to go. A little bit of subwoofer agmentation goes a long way!

Sorry for neglecting to answer your inquiry. I apologize.

For my two channel, I do not use a sub at all. The Odyssey's are more than enough to pump the woofer of my Ascents to my liking. Thanks!