Sub for monster BASS!!!!!!

I know everyone likes tight bass, but has anyone ever gone to a dance club and felt that bass there? How do i get such bass, and what price are they?
Hi Shabba. Check out HSU Research at I think you'll be very interested.
Shab, Check out Velodyne HGS-18(or HGS-15). I have the HGS-15. It is incredible. It took alot of adjusting(downward), but also sound great on music. It has the ability to hit really hard on dance music is that is what you want. A friend of mine has two HGS-15 in his house. Too much for me, but it is as loud or louder than any club. Mine will shake the walls to the point of collapse. $2500(Retail) per 15. The 18 is alittle more. Good Luck..LR
sounds like you might wanna try out a product a heard, er felt, at ces. it's perfectly named "the buttkicker." (i'm not kidding: all their reps had on shirts with their cool logo.) it can be installed in or under chairs or on platforms if you listen & dance simultaneously. it provides the feel of gut whacking bass without disturbing the rest of your family or neighbors. if it's a sub you want, go for a front firing unit, not one that fires downward. there are lots of these available as ht products. should be able to find several used ones here. oh yeah, i highly recommend a powered unit to get the kinda bass you desire. (the hsu will never work for you, IMHO.)
For money no object, check out the Wilson XS. At over 7 feet tall and over 700 lbs. a piece with 2 19" woofers, these will cycle at 16 Hz at ridiculous volumes. And they should for around $40K a piece!
NHT has a new sub with 2 front firering 12" drivers in a sealed box. I was impressed. A lot less boomy than thier ported units.
Yeah, you can see the Wilson XS's at They had 'em two years ago at CES...TWO IN A HOME THEATER SETUP, with 5 X-1 grand slamms along with it. I think they were powered by 2 Pass x-1000's each.
The Genesis 900 sub will literally shake everything off your walls for a couple floors in either direction.
try a pair of vmps larger subs. paired w/a pair of used solid-state bridged amps & a good electronic x-over (like marchand, for example), these will give you clean accurate powerful bass at *way* less the cost than anything comparable. i'm a cheapskate, & this is one of the few products i bought new - still a bargain! how about down to 17hz, w/less than 0.5% thd at 95db, & less than 5% thd at 120db? and that's w/just one sub. regardless of brand, get a pair for proper 2-channel audio.

the above is yust my opinion, ymmv...

Eartquake Supernova- I have never heard such a powerful sub in my life. They will rock your world.
I read Rel has a speaker you can only buy after signing a release that warns that it can destroy the foundation in older homes. Haven't heard it but it sounds like what you seek.
Where do i find the websites explaining the bad end, Vmps and the rest????? i looked and i cant find it also, i dont really want to spend more than 1000$ :) should have said that first LOL
check audiogon's manufacturer's list for mfr's www's... or do a search on lycos or yahoo or hotbot or?
This is an easy one to answer... the REL Studio II. The retail price on this one is a whopping $8,000.00
NO,NO,NO!!!!The above recommendations are not better than the sub I am going to recommend.I know the sub that will do exactly what you want.It is made by a direct mail order company called Legacy. This thing is just incredible. It has two custom made 15inch woofers with over 2 linear inches of throw, and a 1000watt internal amplifier!.(You can go to their website and check it out). This week I had a buddy over, who just purchaced 3 velodynes(sp?) so that he could get that killer bass. He said that my Legacy blew his multiple subs away, and that he is going to sell all three velos at once, and get the Legacy.
ehider, i went to legacy's www to czech out the specs for this sub - there weren't any. while i'm not saying this isn't a nice sub, at $3400, i'd hope it would be.

all that said, i have no desire to unload my vmps larger subs anytime soon - here's why: i prefer having my choice of amplification - usually far better quality than what's provided w/amps that are built-in to subs. same goes for x-overs. i also want the electronics to be located *outside* the sub - way too much wibration there for me... then there's the issue of specs - czech vmps' www -

i *know* the specs of these: 17hz-250hz, +0/-3db, 92db/1w/1m w/<0.5% thd, >115db @ 20hz w/<2.5% thd. here's a quote from vmps' www:

"NASA’s Langley Research Center has purchased two Larger VMPS Subwoofers as a source of 118 dB plus, 20Hz tone bursts. The Larger Subwoofer was the only commercially available system capable of so doing."

oh, then there's that price issue - i bought a pair of vmps larger subs fully optioned, a deluxe marchand xm-9 x-over, a new adcom gfa555 (purchased years ago), a used adcom gfa555 (so i could run the amps in bridged mono for ~900wpc into the 4 ohm load of the vmps), *and* tara labs i/c's & speaker cabling, & it *all* cost less than $2400...

ymmv, doug s. ;~)

Ehider, I'm sure they are good but I've been in the market for subs and I have to agree with Sedond on this one. Like Sedond I do not usually buy new, why bother when you can buy a demo amp for $1,800(new 3,600) my most recent purchase. But I've checkout the vmps website and read all that was there and I've talked with the owner and vmps sounds like they know what their doing. I was insearch of a musical sub and ht all in one. Well Sedond also owns Martin Logan speakers and they are fast and difficult to mate w/subs. So I've done the research and everyone I've talked with said the way to go was separate x-over, amp and sub...... Makes sense to me. Odin mentioned the Genesis 900, I've audition this sub and it is truely a great sub and very quick, musical and used for about $900. I've thought about the Genesis 900 used, but I have a few extra $$$ to spend and I'll go with Sedonds recommendation.... I've auditioned many to mate with the ML's. Not impressed with REL's storm III... The Genesis 900 smoked the REL Storm III and for less $$$... IMHO
Try this: More cone area + more watts = Monster Bass (as long as the woofers are in the right sized box) and if you are looking for the 'night club' sound you will want a ported/bandbass type enclosure. Also the sensetivity of the the woofers plays a role in the overall volume that the woofers will be able to reproduce. Best of luck. Tim

one small correction - i *don't* own m-l's - i strongly considered the cls' but even m-l sez they will max out at 93db, even when crossed-over to subs at 100hz, which is too high a x-over point anyway, imho... while i'd be happy w/the cls' output most of the time, there are times when i wanna be able to *crank* it. thus, my next speaker purchase will prolly be the newform research nhb645's.

while i still feel the marchand xm-9, w/its 24db/octave x-over slopes & wolume pot for the x-over point as well as the low & hi-pass wolume pots, will be more than flexible enuff to mate w/m-l's, ewe may wanna consider marchand's 48db/octave x-overs...personally, i don't tink it's needed, as the vmps' are plenty tight & fast.

oh yes, while i *am* a cheepskate & got most of my equipment either used or on close-out, the subs & x-over *were* purchased brand-gnu (w/a discount, of course!) - still the best walue, even when compared to the competition at used prices! :>) the *only* sub set-up i've ever heard that equals the vmps subs were the sub towers (six 12" servo drivers/side) of the infinity irs series - now equivalent to the top-line $135k genesis speakers.

regards, doug

ps - running a pair of subs, besides allowing for more optimum placement for soundstaging & room interaction, also has the added benefit of allowing the same db-level w/even *less* thd...

yes, tireguy - size *does* matter! :>) this is one reason why i feel vmps has such excellent subs at a reasonable price - they don't try to squeeze drivers into a smaller box & then add transparency-robbing, efficiency-eating, expensive electronics to compensate, they yust use the right-sized box for the yob. yes, the vmps larger subs *are* big - w/a 12" & 15" active driver, coupled to a passive slot-loaded 15" driver, these things are ~18"x26"x39". mine are the earlier edition, meaning they're 39" tall; the latest models are basically re-oriented so they're 32" wide x23"x19". while i prefer the older orientation, ymmv, & i'd tink vmps wood make a pair for ya in the original shape if ewe prefer... or, yust buy the drivers-n-wire, & build yer own boxes to any shape ya desire (towers, perhaps?), yust insuring the internal wolume is kept the same.

also, i have a *wery* large room - ~25x38, w/openings to other rooms. if ewe have even a *normal*-sized large room, a pair of vmps' original subs will prolly be all ya need.

regards, doug s.