sub-woofer/speaker wiring

i have a similar(sic) question to ubee67.

i have a Hafler DH200 amp, Bryston1B-MC preamp. I am running infinity 6Kappa speakers with infinity BU-1 subwoofers (pair). My current wiring is speaker out of the hafler to the sub then the speakers. The bu-1 i rolloff at 60 hz. 
Ok... here is the rub. The Bryston has two sets of outputs to feed one or two amplifiers (different rooms or...). But, between the Bryston and the Hafler, my signal path goes through aSoundcraftsman eq and an dbx 3 range expander. what I want to do is connect a cable from the 2nd amp output of the bryston to the subs. This will give me better gain control over both speakers. BUT i will lose some control over signal enhancement on the sub as i will remove the EQ/range expander from the signal path for low   frequencies.
Now i know there are those 'straight-wire with gain' folks who will pooh-pooh my system. Your comments have no weight with me for this discussion. But, i am interested in what others suggest on this conundrum.

jcipale, it looks like you are not using a high pass filter on your satellite speakers so you are missing 1/2 the benefit of biamping subwoofers. You need a proper cross over like a dbx drive rack. Cross over at 80 hz and you will add another 6 dB of headroom at least and you will clean up the sound coming from your satellites. 
@mijostyn - these are floor standing speakers. Frequency response is not the issue. Nor is clean sound. This is a Stereo system. Not a home theatre system. Please reread my post. 
@imhififan - i have rca y connectors in use right now. The point of my query is opinions on which is better. Not solutions that i am already using.
jc, I am talking about a stereo system. To get the best performance and integration out of subwoofers you have to use a full crossover both low and high pass filters. Trying to do it the way you are is the cheap solution. If that is what you are looking for fine. If you want better gain control and performance out of your subs get a full featured cross over. 

And again - you are missing the point of the question. Do try to keep up.

The BU-1/is a powered sub WITH its own crossover.
The Bryston has two (2) sets of amplifier outputs.
My signal path has external signal processors between the Bryston AND the Hafler

i DONT NEED an extraneous high-pass filter between the subwoofer AND the Hafler.

The home theatre people AND stereo shops here in Portland have given me mixed msgs on whether i lose ANYTHING by running with just the hafler in my signal path (and using the signal processors throughout) OR running the subwoofer off the 2nd amplifier outputs (with an RCA Y-cinnecror) for each channel to feed the subwoofers, but removing the signal processing, effectively, from the subwoofers.

And for the record: everyone says you dont need/want to use an additional filter for the subwoofer. It is like taking a vitamin when you dont need to.

Sorry for getting testy, but i thought this is a fairly straight forward RFC.