Sublima Chakra tt mat

Anyone know who the US distributor is or who retails them in US?


From the website:

' It also reduces the wear of the vinyl by lowering the contact charges and allowing the head a much more natural and complete reading."

Vuoi migliorare il suono ? Clicca adesso - Sublima (

More technical baloney for a supposed problem to needlessly spend money on.

Looks Italian Synergistic Research hocus pocus


He didn’t ask for an opinion, he asked for help. Can you help him find one or not?

I’ve been looking to replace my mat, I’d be interested in this also. 

I couldn’t help it.

The OP has what appears to be a fine setup, without the need for "lowering contact charges"

Perhaps a 100% pure cork mat can be found somewhere. 100% cork is practically impossible to find. Most mats are blended with rubber.

mijostyn- I’m getting jacked with a new Italian dark roast before before a ride-quadruple caffeine boost for some extended climbing.

@fsonicsmith , The Funk Firm Achromat is as good as a mat gets without resorting to marketing BS which in the case of Sublima is of the highest order in comical proportion.

@deadhead1000 , as a Phil Zone addict I encourage you to try the Achromat. 

In addition to the mat you should use a good reflex clamp like The Sota or Michell.

Using both the mat and clamp will improve pitch variation by flattening the record to the platter and removing minor warping. This is something you will most definitely notice. 

Not too long ago, a session was arranged with Seven Attendees, for demonstrations of TT Mats and Three Puck Weights.

Mats that were used were:

Rubber, Rubber/Cork - Not Able to win favour.

Leather, Two Thicknesses - Won Favour with all Puck Weights.

Forex Foam 5mm Thick - Won Favour with a Puck weight.

AT - 600 Ceramic - Won Favour with a Puck Weight

AT 677 - Won Favour with all Puck Weights 

Tenuto - Gunmetal - Mixed Response to various Puck weights and used without weight added. 

All mats had a Puck Weight applied up to 1Kg in weight.

There was a mixed response to most demonstrations, the Rubber was not seen to be attractive to any attendees.

All others were with a variety of impressions made that were being shared, a Puck Weight Exchange could change one's impression being made for a mat.

The Tenuto was one of the most changing to the Puck Weight changes and got the most discussion on the impressions being made.

It is a case of another ancillary/ancillaries in combination, being able to impact on a presentation, and each is to their own unique preference in their selecting the ones that are the least repelling to their stimulus. 

There a hundreds of threads on mats in this forum. As someone else noted I am not asking for advice. I am asking who in the US distributes this product. Thanks. 

Sublima Chakra tt mat

Another panacea for the disillusioned.

A better alternative would the the Manipura Chakra


PS - you can message sublima in Italy - they speak English and will be keen to help.


I would be interested to know where to source the Mat. I sent a PM to sublima but have not hear back yet.