Subwoofer Recommendation for Harbeth SHL5+

Missing just a little bottom end and slam (e.g 50 Hz and under) I am looking for (2) subwoofers to match my Harbeth SHL5+ speakers.  
I would prefer them to not step on the midrange- sound quality is a preference.
I will continue to run the Harbeth's full range.
Smaller is better for room fit.  
I listen nearfield about 10 feet away in one end of a finished basement. 
I understand the benefits of swarm type systems but this won't be practical for my setup. 
Thanks in advance and peace.   
Rythmik F12 or E15/E15HP2. Check out Dirac Live Bass Control coming out soon in AVR's (and I'm not normally an AVR guy). Looks like an effective way to smooth out the room modes with optimization and without a dba.
I am not a fan of using subwoofers with main speakers especially if it is a Harbeth Super HL5 Plus. I prefer running the speakers full range.

I did try running a PMC sub with the Harbeth and it didn’t work. The sub is mostly unused and occasionally connected to the Home Theater system.
You didn't mention your budget, but I'd concur with the recommendations for Rythmik's sealed subs if they fit in your budget.

I don't know why you wouldn't want to add a sub(s) to the Harbeths.  I use 4 (two Rythmik F25 and two SVS SB13 Ultra) and it's the closest my system has come to live music.  I know you don't want to run a swarm, and two subs properly positioned and set up should enhance your listening experience.

The Harbeths sound great on their own, but they are relatively small speakers and you're going to miss a lot of the foundation of the music without a sub.
+1 big_greg.
Avanti, you've been here long enough to know Greg's suggestions are a result of first hand experience and sensibility. 

I would add, although I have no experience with one, his choice of SVS Ultra offer a usable level of equalization and extension sub connectivity that would provide you with a subwoofer system that will easily integrate with most any future main speaker selection.

I used a distributed bass array for a brief time years ago. While I fully understand their usefulness I found proper placement of two subs provide my room with nearly the same benefit. Have fun with it.  

Surely there are ways of running a main speaker full range and adding a pair of subs.

Isn't this what REL actually recommends in this kind of situation?

yes, thinking REL t series.   never owned them but interested if the ability to blend easily with main speakers and bass quality might be worth the tradeoff of lacking deeper low end frequencies....

This discussion thread is from he UK where they tend to have smaller rooms, but it's eye-opening in the range of opinions and experiences it contains.  It's worth reading through...

I’m curious to hear what OP purchased and how that worked out. I have a very similar setup - SHL5+ in one end of a large finished basement. Thinking about adding just one sub - at least for now. How has the experience been adding the sub(s) with the Harbeths?
i picked 2 REL t9i.  best subs for audiophile quality music i have owned and heard. 
integrated perfectly, does not color the midrange and flat down to 20 hz room response.  plenty of power despite the power ratings.  
I’m having great success with a rel 812 and it will only make your mid range sound better if dialed in correctly. Good luck