Suggestions for bare wood floor resonance control

For four years I had my system in a basement room on a carpet-covered 12" concrete slab. The gear sat on an Atlantis Reference stand filled with lead shot. The CD player and DAC were up on Walker Audio points. No tweaks other than that. I couldn't tell the difference if the speaker cables were lifted off the carpet or not.

Recently moved into a house with a bare wood floor over a basement. Set my system up as usual. After a couple of months, it became clear that I had no dynamics. Everything sounded warm and rounded off. All the excitement was gone.
Almost by accident (actually it was an accident) I took out the Walker points from under the DAC and whoa... the snap was back in the system. The floor has a fair amount of play in it. I *have* to lift the cables off the floor or I can hear the smear. I know this isn't the world's best stand, but it's generally ok. I have to learn how to set up a system in this type of room all over again. Anyone have any suggestions for how to deal system resonance with springy bare wood floors? Thanks in advance.

My system is: Altis CDT-III transport
Altis Reference DAC
Rowland Synergy II preamp
Rowland Model 10 amp
Meadowlark Blue Heron speakers
All cables are RCA Cardas Golden Reference

I can provide more details if necessary. Thanks.
There was a previous post, similar to this, but I'm not exactly sure how you would find it. One suggestion was putting granite slabs on the floor beneath the speakers. That will reduce the play. If the floor is in the basement, you could go into the crawl space and add supports and/or braces. A mobile floor is not going to be good for your sound.
I highly recommend at least a floor jack under each speaker supporting a 3 2x4s accross the joist span. The point is to prevent the speakers from driving the floor as a large diaphram. A heavy wool rug with double pads can also help as long as the rest of the room is reasonably live.
Wall-mount your transport, DAC, and preamplifier. Even though Target is out of business, there are still several cheap, but effective, ones available. Mount to an outside wall that is concrete or such.
Thanks for the posts. I guess what I was digging for was a tad more general... What I've observed (I'm not scientific or want to be) is that with a large immobile mass like a concrete slab it is best to nail everything to it with cones, points and mass-loading. Is the reverse true, that with a springy-ass floor you want to float the components with bladders, Vibrapods, sand boxes, etc? I'm looking for sort of a general resonance handle on a room like this. Thanks again to all that responded. Since this is a rental I can't jack up the floor. I can turn it up really loud though. Heh heh heh.
Second time I sugested this on a thread today--put Aurios Pros under the speaker spikes. They dramatically cut down the floor-speaker interaction by floating the speakers. I've put them under everything in the system and can't imagine being without them. Check Media Access or Vistek websites, or call or check their website. Expensive, but really worth it.