Need efficient floor-stander for 2a3

Ideas? Price=under $3K. Listen to 1960s rock, some jazz, some opera, some symphonic.Prefer tall, rather than squat look.
Never mind, Google answered my question - d'oh!! As for hi-efficiency speakers, the Zu Audio and Cain & Cain offerings elicit high praise. I would look there for something suitable...

Audiokinesis Prisma. Duke is a straight shooter and can help you with your choice if his own speakers don't fit your need.
I would recommend the Cain & Cain Abby, possibly with a sub for rock music
- very lively, very engaging presentation.

I ran my Abbys with a Fi 2A3 amp for several years, which made for a great
combination. I also heard another 2A3 from Bottlehead which worked equally
well - the 2A3 seems to be just the right tube for the Abbys.
Coincident Eclipse, partial eclipse, victory or similar. They love low power tubes and are amazingly efficient, just ask my 3 watt amp.
I believe the 2 Pi model from Pi Speakers can be built as a floor stander. A great product line for low-power amps.
I can also recommend the Tekton Lores, I'm very happy with mine. Zu Audio Omen also work well with my 2A3 amp, but I preferred the Lores. Can't really go wrong with either.
I've also read others recommend 3As, Omega, and Fritz.
Some type of horn speaker, for sure. Duke's are great, Klipsch Heritage series are great. Haven't heard the Cain and Cain, but those are probably the least expensive used.
Zu Soul Superflys are short but extremely versatile speakers. I think they would suite you quite well with appropriate attention to setup.
Tonian TL-D1s have great synergy with 2A3 amps and are excellent for the genres of music you've listed. IMO, they beat the pants off Tektons, which themselves are very good.
Hi all ! The Tekton S-Lore is not efficient enough ,I think it is around 94db . However , the Pendragon would be a good choice .
Does the Tonian sound lean and brighter(some have noted) compared to the Lore? Which one gets the tone and timbre right and is thus more natural?
Hi all ! Havent heard the Tonians but the Lores do ,in fact , kick some serious ass . Cant even imagine what the pendragons can do .
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I have owned the Tekton Lores, Standard Zu Omen Defs, a Highly modded Omen Def, and Now Tekton Pendragons. The Modded Omen Defs are maybe a little better with vocalists, but the Pendragons are fantastic with good and bad recordings, rock, electronica etc. The bass on the Pendragons is much better also. The P Dragons are a definite keeper.
Charles1dad - you could certainly say the Tonians are more susceptible to sounding brighter, possibly leaner, but what you're feeding them with makes all the difference. True - it's more difficult to get away with feeding garbage to the Tonians.

As for tone and timbre, the Tonians are superior by far - a much more natural and convincing presentation that makes the Lores sound like a couple of drivers stuck in boxes (the sound of MDF, as opposed to the layered plywood cabinets of the Tonians).

Mind you - I think the Lores are great speakers for the money, and don't really know that they can be beat at their price point and efficiency rating. They're about a third of the price of the TL-D1s. But you certainly do get something substantial for that extra money, IMO. They're a deal in their own right.
Thanks for your reply and explanation, this makes me very curious to hear the larger Tonian Classic 12.1 one of these days.
Tonian speakers would be a nice fit for a 2A3. We ran the TL-D1's with a 2 watt 45 amp at THE SHOW 2011 and they were outstanding. Yes they can be a little bright but some of that comes from improper set-up, as well as what you might be feeding hem. As mentioned previously these speakers are not so forgiving. Tonian speakers work best IMO with very little if any toe in and at shows I have seen Tony rakes the front some. I have heard some of the other Tonian models as well and they get better as you move up the line.

The Audiokinesis suggestion is good one too. I have owned the Jazz Modules for a few years now and their ability to reproduce natural timbre is outstanding. They work well with my SET amps. I owned the TL-D1's simultaneously and in comparisons, while the Jazz Modules were clearly better in the lower bandwidth, and I preferred their mids as well, the TL-D1's held up very nicely against them, especially in the timbre area.
Bradluke - I don't own the Lores, but I convinced a friend of mine to buy a pair, and I hear them pretty regularly at his place. I have heard his Leben 300x amp driving both his speakers and my Tonians, so I think I have a pretty decent sense of the comparison. Of course, it should be mentioned that my buddy is very happy with his Lores.
hi all ! Cfluxa.....thanks for the great answer.....crap , now I have to give the Tonians a listen . You guys are gonna cost me more money.....
I f you are looking for a refined Pendragon Tektons New SE model
Is slightly smaller at 53 T x 10 w X 13 d. This model is using Scanspeak
Ring radiator tweeters , and Seas 8 inch drivers custom from their Prestige line this one starts at $3k. ,and I recommend the Mundorf Silver oil -upgrade-
Capacitors for I have used these in several projects they give the performance a Much more 3d aspect in tone, imaging air around the instruments .if you have the money it is well worth it .i have done many A B
Comparisons ,also Eric offers Custom paint Any Automotive finish you want
You just provide the color from what automobile, the cost depends on the
Paint . I ordered them this week and I can tell you the 2 week to ship
Will be well worth the wait.p.s with Mundorf Silver oil caps
They take 200 hours to open upsome and 400 to finish refining,a pain in the arse but well worth it !!
Reference 3a Veena, Episodes used
Zu Superfly and up to your $ limit
Coincident Extreme ( stand mount) any Coicident used