Suggestions for econo system

Trying to put together an economical system for a friend with as much bang for the buck as possible, based around Maggie MMG's. Room is 22x14x8. Would prefer receiver/integrated amp and single box cdp. Total price $1500 or less ( I said economical) with the Maggies $550. Considering NAD C-350 int. amp and various cdp's. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks, Mark
The NAD 370 is superb and available for $549 at Last I looked they had a demo for $489 For a cd player no question about it the best in that range or even twice that is the new Music Hall mm 25 for $600 list, email who is a great dealer for that product.

This is going to be a great system !
A third on the NAD C370. The C350 just doesn't have enough juice to make the Maggies sing.
Appreciate the comments. I've scanned the Planer Asylum and noted comments of some MMG owners driving them with the 340 with specific comments re no lack of dynamics and power. The 350 has 10W more than the older 340, and is cheaper than the 370, ergo my initial interest in it as opposed to the 370. Any experience contrary to the above comments?
The 370 is just a better amp all around and well worth the extra outlay. It is he real honey in the NAD line.
You can get a c-370 for under $500 new from some of the NAD discounters like and at that price, it is really worth the $150 difference. To save some money, I would either go with a used ARCAM CD player (I've seen used Alpha 7se players for around $250 on Audiogon) or the Cambridge Audio CD player. This would leave you with about $200 for cables (speaker and an interconnect) which you should probably also get used to save some $$$.

Good Luck
Many thanks to the above comments. I'm awaiting delivery on the MMG's, NAD 370 and an Arcam 7se. When I get it all in I'll set it up at my friends place and let you know what it sounds like. I think it'll be quite good, I think I'm more excited than my friend, a non-audiophile. Thanks to Fineberg for the Arcam suggestion, found one on A'gon and it did indeed free up a couple of bucks for IC/SC's. My friend can always upgrade cdp at a later date as funds allow. Mark
BTW, any recommendations on IC's and SC's with this combo? Apparently the Maggies require bananna's. Thanks, Mark
Check out the entry level cables from DH Labs and Harmonic Technology. I would stay away from MIT and Transparent !
I use Analysis Plus Speaker cables and a mix of analysis plus and TMC interconnects. All of which I have found to be excellent and very reasonable (I got there after much experimenting). I would recommend a TMC white from CD to integrated amp and Analysis Plus oval 9 or 12 to the speakers (you can get these with banana or 'zip' plugs - either of which work well with Maggies). You shouldn't be worried about the Alpha 7, since it has the same transport as the much more expensive Alpha 9se did, it makes an excellent transport for an outboard DAC if and when your friend decides to upgrade.