suggestions for high quality but inexpensive amps

especially looking for monblock amps to drive dali halicon 800 speakers. i have an integra 9.1 receiver which is ok in the power department (but has an excellent pre-amp) - about 135 clean rms watts per channel (but it's not very high current). figure it can run the side and rear surrounds without a problem. so, i am looking for either a pair of monoblocks, 3 monoblocks, or a 3-channel amp. i would prefer at this point not to pay more than $1000 per amp.

thanks for your thoughts!
How about a McCormack HT-3, 3 channel amp, which you can have modded by SMcAudio up to the level that you are willing to pay for.
check out muse mono blocks, pse studio V mono blocks, or classe cam 200's.

all very good sonically,reliable, good customer service, and no problem with resale..

hope that helps,

The Antique Sound Labs KMP Fox DT 60 watt Triode Mono's. Looks cool, and as Chandler Bing used to say, "Oh My God", for the sound. If you haven't heard good tubes you will think that 60 watts is underpowered. These 60 watts sound HUGH! Also they will sound so much better than your Integra. You really won't belive it. They retail for $2495. The real street price is probably closer to $2000.
Ric Schultz at EVS ( is working on that very thing right now...inexpensive, but great amps (mono blocks too). I'm not in the market for an amp, but if I were I'd definitely consider giving him a call. I highly doubt you'll find anything better for less anywhere. They will use the digital switching technology so they can power anything and run cool, and his goal is to have them compete with multi-thousand dollar amps, sound-wise. My experience with his products (his DAC 2, modded transport and digital cable) has shown me that his sound quality to value ratio can't be beat. He believes in keeping the signal path simple, using great parts, and has an amazing ear (or two). There is no doubt in my mind that his design will be excellent.
I have a pair of stellavox mono's... PW-1's that would be terrific. These use the latest job 4 circuit and are about the size of a paperback.
You would have to stretch your budget a bit ($2300 pr) but I don't know of anything better at or near this price.
Of course you must consider my bias :-)
I drive my Helicon's with a Sim Audio P3/W3 combo. Sounds wonderful. You could even try the I5 integrated amp.
Bryston makes a good 3-channel amp,nice if you could do some demoing on these choices,good luck,Bob
Odysse Audio makes some wonderful monoblocks that are very reasonable. Call Klause Bunge. He will help you out. I don't own them, but have heard them and they are a great value and reasonable
bryston 2b used at 450 is a wonderful amplifier..I just had mine warrantied and it sounds like a new amp again. Pity I have no real use for it other than as a backup to the 300b amplifier.
I absolutely love my sonic frontiers power 2. Picked it up here on the gon for 1850.