Suggestions on who could update and or repair a 1975 Kenwood KR 2600 receiver...

Hello Audiogoners - I need help in finding out who would update, clean and or repair a Kenwood KR-3600 receiver. I bought the receiver new in 1975 and it still works but would any names on who could bring this old receiver some new life. Thank you in advance and stay well and safe.
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@garebear  - Where are you located? There is a really good tech near me that works on old classic receivers from the '70s/early '80s. Don't know if he accepts units shipped to him, or not...

…….thank you ebm once again for your usual worthless posts and russ69 you are not far behind that afore-mentioned '' thread locust ''. It still works and my typing mistake it is the KR 3600 and cane be bought on ebay for about $200. It was the first piece of audio equipment I ever bought and it is still in very good condition. I just would like for somebody to clean it up a little inside so to speak … it worth it as russ69 asked ; well to me it is and that's all that counts ! I wish some people would add something to their responses.
Hello yogiboy - thank you and I never thought of them and I only live about an hour and half north of Binghamton, NY. I will call them and see what happens …..thanks again.

@garebear  - OK, I see you are in NY State. Not particularly close to me here in Cincinnati, but not a world away either.

So, the guy I mentioned is Matt @ Matt's Vintage Audio Repair in Milford (Cincinnati), Ohio. He's been doing repair and refurbishment of vintage electronics, especially '70's receivers, for a long time. He's the guy that all of the vintage resale shops in the area take their equipment to for affordable repairs. He also does some top notch refurbishments on the now very expensive super receivers from Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz, etc. I read through the reviews on his facebook page and it looks like he does allow shipping to him for repair, not just drop-off.

Anyway, give Matt a call and see if he can help, or make a recommendation to you. Worse case, I live 2 miles from his shop. You could send it to me and I could drop it off to him.

Whatever you choose, I wish you good luck. It would be cool to have my first ever receiver today.


It still works and my typing mistake it is the KR 3600 

I'll restate my position given this new data, it's a 22-wpc 70s receiver. If it is working use it and enjoy it. It will cost a lot of money to have a technician go through it and even if it's 100% back to new, it's not a great piece of kit. I understand you are attached to it. Put it on a shelf, plug it in, have it light up and bask in the glory of your past. But you'll be happier if you buy an already refurbished near top of the line receiver (you know the one you really wanted but couldn't afford). A 50-year-old piece of electronics can fail an unreplaceable component at any time and make the unit unusable. I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to save you effort, time, and possible dissatisfaction. Keep us posted on your journey.  

$72. usd, works, you have the missing knobs.

you could confirm things with seller, make offer, get one going yourself, or take both units to audio classics so they would have spare parts from one to the other!

note: same seller, 110 CAD, that listing mentions ’needs some lights’. same unit?


this one is missing the wood side covers


It probably just needs some electrolytic capacitors changed. Depending on how many are replaced and what grade is used, the parts could be around $75 to $100. I work on older equipment a lot, best wishes.


In NY, Audio Classics, but they really focus on McIntosh. I'll give you another suggestion- in Orange County, NY- Hudson Valley Hifi. They love working on vintage gear. They have done work for me on ancient McIntosh and Marantz gear- stuff older than your Kenwood. I've been very satisfied. 

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