SUT Opinions

Looking for SPU users experience with SUT.
I have recently acquired an SPU Royal G Mkii and before I spend $$$ want to get an idea on what SPU owners are using.

System is as follows:
Miyajima EC-5 Preamp
Thorens TD-124 Mkii fully updated
Ortofon RMG 309i tonearm
Ortofon TA-210 tonearm
SME 10 Turntable w/SME 10 Tonearm 
Pass Labs X-260.8 Amplifiers
Esoteric N-05 Streamer(Dac not used)
Ypsilon Dac-100
True Sound Works Apogee Duetta
Shunyata Denali T
Audience AU24 se speaker and interconnects
Shunyata Alpha and Cardas Golden Reference power cables
Billy Bags Pro Series rack
What about GAIN on your Miyajima Preamp , there are 3 phono inputs as I can see.

"The right photograph is a changeover switch of the input impedance of B and C.

B : 600~47kΩ
C : 600~100kΩ

An impedance matching improves by matching the impedance of the pre-amp to the impedance of a cartridge and the step-up transformer. When impedance is unclear, please choose 47kΩ."
Given that you have a Miyajima preamp you should consider this. I have one and you can accommodate a wide range of cartridges including your SPU.

Dear @cfarrow  : Why do you think or want a SUT? Do you already test the SPU in your EC-5?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

The MM inputs in the OPs preamp will provide adequate gain for the 0.2mv output on that SPU
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Yes, it will work - but will suffer from high noise level and limited dynamic range! This I learned from experience! Get a good SUT! I have five, including a Mike Sanders (Quicksilver) to use with my various LOMC'S.
Those were my thoughts so that’s why I made the initial response.  Thx for the feedback.  
OP, you need additional gain, which is why I recommended the Miyajima SUT (I also own one) to go with your Miyajima preamp
The Miyajima makes since to pair with the preamp, I am also considering a Hashimoto as I had fantastic results when I used it with my Koetsu’s.  I was looking for SPU owners to get a feel for what success they had/have with SPU’s they were or are currently using.
I have a new Aururosound Vida sitting in a box new that I have but hate to open it up when a good SUT into the Miyajima will give me what I am looking for sound wise.
Dear @jperry  @cfarrow  : So the 3 inputs in the EC-5 are MM and only 38db gain?

@jperry  , you posted:

""  The MM inputs in the OPs preamp will provide adequate gain for the 0.2mv output on that SPU ""

and latter on you posted that needs a SUT : " .  you need additional gain".

What am I missing?  Thank's.

Just tried it out and volume pot at 3 o’clock to get to level to where I normally listen and interesting feedback coming through similar to a howling noise(not like a dog:)
I have some old in line Sony SUT’s that I am using now until I find the SUT and didn’t get that and also 10 O’clock on the volume pot is plenty loud and I believe they are 26db SUT.
I've used about 10 different SUTs and phono amps (like Ortofon MCA-76 and Denon HA-1000), and Live! MC10 SUT works best for me.
It has Hashimoto HM-3 transformer. It is paired with Magi Phonomenal phono preamp and they work very well for my Ortofon SPU cartridges, Denon DL103r, and low output Ortfon MC cartridges (output less than 0.1mV).
I recently purchased Allnic H-1202 and I can tell that they are very close and the difference between two are not readily noticeable. The biggest difference is, H-1202 is much quieter.
If you are seriously considering an SUT, Live! MC10 may work well. It supports two different levels of output.
Dear @cfarrow  : What other audiophiles can tell you about SUTs are good opinions of the SUT performance is a way different room/system. 

My take is to go with the Ortofon ST-80SE, Ortofon is not a " new comer " to SUTs, they manufactured from vuintage one times along its LOMC cartridges as the MC30 or MC2000.

The ST-80SE will mates very good with your  Ortofon LOMX cartridge.

You have to care a little on the cartridge low compliance to mate it with the rigth tonearm/headshell combination.


@cfarrow: the Miyajima has 38db from the phono stage--is there more gain from the line stage?