sweetest sounding ss integrated

Despite my efforts to talk him out of it, a friend of mine is downsizing and simplifying, getting out of tubed separates, and is looking for a ss, or possibly hybrid, integrated that leans towards the euphonic.

Price range: $1500 to $3500 new or used.

Other components: Cambridge 840C, B&W 703s.

Musical preferences: classical, particularly large scale.

OMG, is that you Warrenh or did someone hijack your account?

Twoleftears, your friend will have to do more work with that system besides finding an amp if the goal is to get euphonic. He might as well start from scratch if he is pitching the tube seperates.
Third the YBA. I've listened to the YBA Integre and it's one sweet sounding integrated, very musical. For your 703 floorstanders, you might want to try the YBA Passion.
I wouldn't call the Lavardin sweet. I would call it the best integrated I've ever heard. Squeeky clean and neutral.
Thanks to all for most helpful responses!

Combining recommendations, we have a great shortlist here to start working through.
This is one of the finest sounding solid state amps available, and is very tube-like without the tubes. With the 30 day policy that Vinnie offers, you can't go wrong. It also seems to offer more power than its 30watt per channel sugggests and i'm sure it will be plenty for those speakers.

I'm hooked!