sweetest sounding ss integrated

Despite my efforts to talk him out of it, a friend of mine is downsizing and simplifying, getting out of tubed separates, and is looking for a ss, or possibly hybrid, integrated that leans towards the euphonic.

Price range: $1500 to $3500 new or used.

Other components: Cambridge 840C, B&W 703s.

Musical preferences: classical, particularly large scale.

I think there are a number of offerings from Musical Fidelity that would work really well with the B&W 703's. The A300 is one and I'd bet the 308 and A5 would be nice with them also
Here are some other names that occur to me (without having had the chance to audition most of them).

Sim Audio

hybrid (tubed pre-amp stage):

Like I say, he's going for euphonic, with good imaging and soundstaging.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Particular models?
Not much to offer here, except to say that the Sim amps I have heard seemed far from euphoric to me.
I have not hear them all but these come to mind:

Red Wine 30.2
maybe a used rowland..not sure on the price of these
I've had a few int's over the years & in fact just downsized from a BAT amp & Pass pre a month ago to a Blue Circle CS. By far the best & most musical int. I've owned. I recently listened to the new Cayin hybrid & auditioned the MF int. series last year. In a 2nd system yrs. ago I had a MF X-A1 and before that a Creek. All the above pieces were pretty good. The only int. I had I didn't like was a Plinius 8200. Just not a good fit.
Oops I missed the "hybrid" comment. There are lots of hybrid options....add Jolida to your list,
I use the Red Wine Audio 30.2 in place of my SETs when the weather gets hot. I would call it sweet especially compared to most of the solid state I've heard.
Ayre AX-7e at 60wpc should be enough.
Sweet\warm sound but dynamic and very involving.
It can control the drivers like a champ.
SS is not my cup of tea but I really like this component.
RWA int. is also very good but component matching is very importent and its 30wpc might not be up to the task.

the sweetest sounding solid-state amp that i have ever heard is
the red wine audio Signature 30.2. i've owned it for close to a year
now and fell in love with its sweet, spacious, and and emotionally involving
sound within minutes of listening. they come up for sale here on a'gon
once in a whie. this is the one -

unless your friend is looking to really crank it up, i'm sure this amp will
have no problems driving the 703s (arent they 90dB efficient?).

Good luck with your hunt

YBA Passion AMP 300 or Integre DT, natural timbres, 3D imaging, lot of power in reserve. Dual transformer design with J-Fet output stage.
OMG, is that you Warrenh or did someone hijack your account?

Twoleftears, your friend will have to do more work with that system besides finding an amp if the goal is to get euphonic. He might as well start from scratch if he is pitching the tube seperates.
Third the YBA. I've listened to the YBA Integre and it's one sweet sounding integrated, very musical. For your 703 floorstanders, you might want to try the YBA Passion.
I wouldn't call the Lavardin sweet. I would call it the best integrated I've ever heard. Squeeky clean and neutral.
Thanks to all for most helpful responses!

Combining recommendations, we have a great shortlist here to start working through.
This is one of the finest sounding solid state amps available, and is very tube-like without the tubes. With the 30 day policy that Vinnie offers, you can't go wrong. It also seems to offer more power than its 30watt per channel sugggests and i'm sure it will be plenty for those speakers.

I'm hooked!

Third for the Red Wine Sig 30.2!

This is one of the finest sounding solid state amps available, and is very tube-like without the tubes. With the 30 day policy that Vinnie offers, you can't go wrong. It also seems to offer more power than its 30watt per channel sugggests and i'm sure it will be plenty for those speakers.

I'm hooked!

I would also throw in the Pathos Logos or Classic MK II, although for large scale you may want to get two classic's (something not uncommonly done).

In my opinion the sim gear isn't as euphonic as it is revealing and transparent.

Plinius 9200 is pretty warm sounding. I had one for a little and thought it was a pretty nice unit, especially since it's a complete package, so long as you're not a phono stage freak.

The BAT can sound very lovely, depending on the setup. The supertube version sounded euphonic when I heard it (with Verity speakers) but the SS version wasn't for me.

Old Rowland gear, like the Concentra, get's referred to as warm, but not nec. my experience with all rowland gear.

I have the Pass INT-150 now and it's quite organic, but don't think it's coming up used yet, and don't know about for that price. Still, worth checking out, if you are around a pass dealer.

I would think one of the Unico hybrids or a Pathos Logos would be a goo direction, especially given the listening preferences.
Check out the LSA hybrid integrateds. They have three models.

All three are reviewed on Stereomojo.com and a couple of other places overseas.
Blue Circle
Few are ever found for sale on Audiogon but I found the Blue Circle integrated to be an outstanding sounding unit.
I do own one and have no intention of ever selling it.
I'm using a GamuT DI-150 right now and it's the best integrated I've had, period. And I've had a lot! But boy is it expensive!!! One that made the Absolute Sound "Best List" is the Primare I30. Great build quality and beautiful sound. I own it as well. It fits your budget. I had the yba Passion and it was a top notch amp as well. But the "sleeper" amp is the Marantz PM11s1. Fantastic build quality and beautiful sound. Powerfull too! Doubles watts from 8 to 4 ohms(100 to 200). All these amps have lived in my system driving Kharma Referance speakers. If you would like e-mail me with any questions. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
My 840c sounds great on my musical fidelity A1 class A integrated. These just came out 2008 List new is $1900
YBA Passion for sure, IMO. It doesn't just make music, it delivers a performance! And not only that, it will be an excellent marriage with the 703s.

I would second the YBA Passion recommendation. If you're listening to lots of orchestral stuff, you may want something with bigger power reserves, but it's a very engaging amp.

I personally think the Blue Circle stuff is overpriced, considering its build quality..