Synposium Acoustics - Impressed!

Decided to give their lowest-end platform (Segue) a try under a Rega P3 to see if it could lower the noise floor a bit.  Amazing night and day difference that far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did it damped vibrations really well, it even eradicated what I presumed was a poor-grounding hum that was notable when moving the cart towards the record at higher volumes during cueing.  Arguably this was less than an optimal product match as I see I should have gone for the Segue ISO for use under analog turntables.  Nonetheless the results are stellar.  I now have a Foundation rack on order and look forward to resonance-free support under all my gear.

Questions - anyone else seeing similar results?  Anyone using the Svelte Shelf under speakers?
I use Symposium Ultra platforms under a couple of different components and the Svelte shelves under my speakers.  Like any vibration damping products, it is a matter of "tuning" so that more damping is not necessarily an improvement--it is possible to achieve a too dry and analytical sound with some components.  I heard a demonstration conducted by a Symposium representative at a local shop where different Symposium platforms were placed under a CD player.  The sound improved with the cheaper platforms, but, their most expensive platform turned out to be too much.

My speakers sit on the Svelte shelf without any kind of footers on the speaker so that almost the entire bottom of the speaker cabinet is in contact with the shelf.  This maximizes the vibration damping of the cabinet (vibration is transferred to the shelf which has a foam core that dissipates the energy as heat).  Because my speakers sit on carpet over a suspended wood floor, this arrangement reduces the amount of vibration transferred to the floor (which would otherwise sort of act like a sounding board).  Again, as a matter of tuning, this works positively for me, but, in another setup, this might be too much damping.  

Thanks for the feedback regarding your experience with these products.  From reading Symposium's materials it sounds like they recommend not using speaker spikes when placing speakers on top of a Svelte shelf.  In my room my speakers sit directly on a hardwood floor (currently using spikes on saucers to protect the floor).  Would you recommend not using the spikes and instead use rubber footers for placement onto the Svelte shelf?
For maximum damping, the shelf should contact the bottom of the speaker.  If you need more height, or to angle the speaker a bit upward, then footers should be placed under the shelf (i.e., between the shelf and the floor).  I wanted a slight tilt back angle, so I fashioned a wooden wedge to tilt the shelf slightly.  This is a bit of a hassle because the svelte shelf has no provision for attaching feet; you will have to figure this out for yourself.
I totally agree i just got the Osiris all copper(legs) rack it is transformative in my system.Im using Symposium Stealth Edition Ultra for my turntable on top shelve of rack.All shelves using Svelte plus.My line conditioners (2) and power amp using Symposium Ultra stealth stands with Trillium copper adjustable spikes.My Magico speaker are using Symposium Super Stealth edition plus with adjustable Trillium copper spikes which go through the carpet to the floor. Every time i add Symposium to the system it improves the sound of the system.I have been using Symposium for over 25 years Peter is a wonderful honest and very helpful person.He knows everything about his products.
Having great results with a Symposium Segue ISO heavy mass version under a 80 lb VPI Prime with single motor flywheel sitting on a 3" maple block on top of my Lead Balloon turntable stand. In a much more needed application with my Origin Live table upstairs on a very average stand it really shows its effectiveness, it is night and day. In both my applications I am using them with tables that have no suspension of their own. I am taking notes of the applications others are using and their results. happy listening.
Very helpful input from all.  From the results I've seen so far I can see how easy it may be to go down the Symposium rabbit hole searching for further incremental benefits. 
Good thing is after you get in the rabbit hole their products are reasonably priced.
My evening was spent assembling my new Symposium Foundation rack and migrating my gear over.  Truly impressed with the quality of the rack in terms of both engineering and performance.  Undeniably lowered the noise floor.  I decided to place the feet on 4 Precision Couplers on top of my wood floors mainly to prevent possible floor damage but I suspect the performance is enhanced as well.      
Ordered a pair of Symposium platforms for my tt and phono preamp. They will sit on top of a diy butcher block rack. Since currently breaking down everything to change a couple of components. Glad to hear these improvements.
ebm, I looked at the copper legged racks and gotta say they are gorgeous. Have dumped all my funds into upgrades so I will be waiting a while. Would like to hear your impressions if you have had some time to evaluate.
I love the rack its 5 level Osiris it is pictured on Symposium web site under Osiris(em).The rack was a major upgrade to the sound of the entire system.It improved dynamic range,bass detail,bass impact,midrange,high end detail and made the entire system more dynamic.I have friends with racks that cost 2 or more times the price of the Osiris and don't come close to the outstanding sound I'm now getting.Plus you are dealing with a wonderful company as well.Tanks for you interest.
My TT Sits on the bottom half of my mothers old China cabinet, it has never sounded better.

My TT Sits on the bottom half of my mothers old China cabinet, it has never sounded better.

Where did your TT previously sit...on your waterbed?  
Depending on floor construction and placement/isolation of components, one product may perform better than another.