TAD-803 2 way speaker review

This is a review of the TAD803 2 way speaker currently on sale. I am not associated with Bizzy Bee Audio, but have actively watched the website due to recommendations in other forums.
I had a need for additional speakers to compliment my existing speakers - I have two systems - 1 is vintage McIntosh tube - the other is an Solid State 2ch/multichannel system for 2 ch. Audio and Home Theater. Laziness prompted me to want a second set of speakers to avoid swapping speaker cables. I also thought it would be fun to add an alternate speaker brand. I decided to try the Bizzy Bee Audio discontinued 2 way speakers currently on a blow out sale of $129.00 first and then buy the current single driver model if I found the original 2 way design appealing. This review is for those wondering about the 2 way sonics.
Upon receipt of the speakers, I unpacked them to set up for testing and while doing so, thought these probably will just sound okay, but not anywhere near "audiophile" grade. Worst case - I give them to my son for college. I used the C22/MC240 McIntosh tube set up along with my Phillips 963a SACD player. I chose a set of CD's that have recently been in rotation for my nightly listening. First choice - DeeDee Bridgewater - J'ai Deux Amours. I set the levels at 82-84db using my dB Meter. Sat down - pressed play - and my jaw hit the floor.....and stayed there the entire night! The fidelity of these speakers has to be heard to be believed! And this was out of the box - no break in time! I spent the next 4 nights running a variety of music through them. 30 plus hours DOES make a BIG difference for these 803s. Experimenting with setup and toe in has yielded a HUGE sound stage. Detail is amazing and the range,while limited at either extreme, is quite impressive for such a relatively small speaker! Imaging is very precise with instruments and voices placed in a 3 dimensional soundstage. Inner detail is amazing, especially after I had 30+ hours of break in time. When pushed hard, I have noticed a slight edginess to the upper midrange - lower treble - but this is at loudness levels I seldom used (90+ db). At the close out price, these are simply the most amazing speaker I have heard - even at 500.00 these would still be an awesome deal! I still find myself thinking that something this cheap should NOT sound this good! Get some before they are gone!! 3 sets have now been purchased by friends after hearing them at my house. Thanks Paul for offering such a great speaker! I am already planning on buying the current version which, from the description, must truely be a giant killer!
BTW - for those interested : www.2baudio.com - scroll down to the bottom of the main page to the bargain page link.

Thanks for your review. I have the TAD-803's with the single-driver mod. I have not heard the stock TAD-803, but can say that the one with the single-driver mod is very special. It is extremely musical and articulate; as you said, a little rolled off at the top and bottom, but what a relaxing and magical presentation they provide! Getting the crossover out of the picture helps a lot, in my opinion.

I will add, that within their minor frequency limitations (midbass thru lower treble) they will shame a lot of highly-touted, much more expensive models. Cheers!
Isn't this the second great review for this speaker. And both were by brand new members.........
Azstereo, I'm not sure what you're implying with your statement, but it seems to be something negative from the many .........'s

Since you're in AZ, I invite you to pop by and check my pair out sometime and see if you're not impressed...........

With a name like Azstereo, I assume that you're a dealer..........
Wow Azstereo! You seem to be a "one man marketing department" for e-Ticket Cables as about half of all of you post are touting that brand. And a guy comes along suggesting he is thrilled with a $129 speaker purchase and you call him a shill......

What's that all about? Do you think you can corner the market on free advertising?


I am in no way affiliated with Paul or Bizzy Bee Audio - this review is also on his old design - currently being sold off. I still have not heard the new design. I may be fairly new (although I have sold a center speaker here - Klipsch RC35 - a few months ago) - but I have lurked on the site for a few years.
All I'm doing is spreading the word about a great deal - something that simply should not sound as good as it does, expecially for the money. The cabs are fairly light weight, the tweeter looks inexpensive, yet, all in all, it's a great sounding speaker - and a down right steal at $129.00. It does have limits, but what the 2way 803 does, it does with an amazing, quality sound. Take it for what it is - just a recommendation. If any of you do decide to try them - give them 30-40 hours of burn in time - then listen seriously.
HUGE soundstage from a 2 way???? Already you've got my skepticism and total disbelief.
Now you say 129.00. Just a single Seas' driver costs more than 129.00.
I thought audiogon was about FINE stereo equipment? We can leave the junk to our local dealers.
Nice Day
Why can't a two way speaker throw a huge soundstage? You've piqued my interest. You must know something the speaker designers at Wilson, ProAc, Spica, Monitor Audio, Epos, Totem, Harbeth, etc. don't know. Explain.
Ok lets say it has a 129.00 soundstage. I've yet to find anything in audio where you get alot for nothing. Mostly its all overpriced and as in this case overhyped. As I say I thought this forum was about fine audio, not Walmart stuff.
Bartokfan, so when you heard these speakers, what in particular did you not like about them?
Until I heard them myself, I too was skeptical anything this cheap could even remotely sound musical. When did you audition them or the current more expensive model from Bizzy Bee Audio?
Keep this in perspective - these are being sold WELL BELOW cost - these are NOT the best speaker I've ever heard, but they ARE very good within their limits.
I too find most "Audio" gear to be overpriced and over hyped. That is why, when I find a true bargain, I share the information. If you don't like it, just ignore it.
I have seen these on a website in China. You buy 25 pairs and they are very cheap. Well below $100 a pair. Maybe for that price they are nice, but not what I would call a quality speaker.
Azstereo - Making that statement without a link is easy. Supply the link. Have you actually heard them? I am currently listening to a pair of B&W 805s and comparing the TAD803s - just out of curiosity. The B&Ws are clearly a better speaker - as they should be for 20 times the price. But, the 803's still do have some qualities that would surprise anyone. Please do supply the china link - I am quite interested in buying large quantities.
Mkinsman, I was going to try and find it for you. But if you want to see them, find it yourself. Do a search under china speakers. It will take awhile, but that is how I came across them. You will find 99.9% junk, but there are a few interesting things.