Tad me1 with 25w SET tueb amp, is it possible?

https://www.stereophile.com/content/tad-micro-evolution-one-loudspeaker-measurementsI’ve read a lot of comments that the tad me1 is hard to drive. Of course high current SS amp is suggested.

Here’s the question, the tester suggested that the speaker is easy to drive as its flat impedance and the phase angel not too capacitive.Is it possible to drive with a 845 SET tube amplifier? (I’m a fans of SET amp, and just bought it last month.)

I really love the tad speaker with very accurate sound, and the low profile outlook. I’m comparing it with Fyne audio f1-8 with similar price.
My listening area is compact ,say 10’ x 8’ so i prefer a pair of bookshelf speakers. I don’t need loud music.

1 You confide "I don’t need loud music "
2 You listening room is small (10’ x8’) and by default your listening distance from the speakers will be relatively close.

John Atkinson who performed the Stereophile measurement testing wrote, "The ME1 is a relatively easy load for the amplifier to drive".
Minimum load impedance is 3.9 ohms.

Sensitivity is 86 db at 2.83 v at 1 meter (4 ohm load so required 2 watts rather than 1 watt if were an 8 ohm load). So a lower sensitivity speaker.

However given your stated requirements and room dimensions I believe that your 845 SET amplifier under these circumstances will serve you well. If your typical listening levels are below 80 db you’re using less than I watt of power. In this scenarios the ’amplifier watt/power quality is a bigger factor ( The well known first watt idea from Nelson Pass who stressed its importance) than the quantity of watts. If your SET has high quality output transformers and power supply you shouldn’t be just fine.
I drive wilson watt/puppy 7s with an 845 set amp and Pass XA 25. As @charles1dad said if your nominal listening volume is under 80 db you will be just fine with a high quality 845 set amp in your room.
I heard the ME1 with a Luxman 509x and then a m900u immediately afterwards. The m900u was so much better. The dealer told me that it was the bigger power supply in the m900u that was producing the magic.

The ME1 is a great speaker. I was considering buying it to pair with a big amp, even in my small room. I went with a floor stander instead but if I got the TAD I would have made sure I had a lot of power. I also do not listen that loudly.
I did have the TAD ME-1 and they are easy to drive and sound wonderful. I was driving them with an Aric Audio Transcend Push Pull so yes the 25 watts will work. My SS amp is a Coda #16 and it played beautifully with the TAD’s as well. I would still have those if I hadn’t traded for a pair of GamuT RS5i.