Tannoy Kensington SE vs Magnepan 20.7

I know these are completely different speakers at a close price range. Which speaker would play better for all genre?
Tannoy sensitivity = 93dB while the Maggie = 86dB, so the Kensington is much more tube-friendly and will perform splendidly paired with, e.g., 300B SET amps on all kinds of music. I'm partial to the combination of big Tannoy DCs with SET amps -- the best of the best, IMHO.
2 great speakers and so different.

If you are a detail hound, if you love transparency and "float", if absolutely colorless presentation is important, and if you can live without dynamics and impact, the Maggies.

If you want more "substance" (not meaning bass, but meaning a SOLID performer compared to a bit more of a hologram that reminds you of music), if you want more impact and bass, the Tannoy. They image great, but not that "airy float" of stats and maggies. I don't happen to think that sounds just like reality, but many love the effect. Great products, great companies, so much more "real" than most high end boutique companies.
Aldavis: I have had Kensington GR for one month now, so they are still burning-in. Thus, I cannot say that much yet. Before these I had Kensington SE and with these I remember a very long burn-in period. An impression is that GR sounds better from the start with just small changes during burn-in. Another impression is that they have more bass and they seem a bit smoother in the midrange. The dynamic, engaging and organic/holistic style of presenting music seems to be as good as SE. Yet, these parameters may change for the better – I can come back to it later.
With the Maggies you need High power and once you do that they will perform at a fantastic level but the cost of amplification is something you really need to factor.
The K's work with much lower power/cost amplifiers . So as said above, depends on what you really want to go for. If you already have a great SS 150W + amplifier you may have to audition both with to to see what floats your boat and you may well prefer the maggies

I generally prefer Low power amps with High sensitivity speakers and hence have the Tannoys K's. I can easily go with the Maggies as well as far as sound goes but for the amplification. Maybe the third angle i would definitely consider is the ATC Actives as for an Amp+Speaker cost they are true value for money
S1nn3r: within the 5 weeks since last post I hear better coherence and further improvement in smoothness. My problem now is that I have a harder time remembering the SE version as the time go by and my hearing get adjusted to the GR.

For me there are two ways of evaluating hifi: firstly, I approach what I hear with my intellect and analytic competence. Secondly, and this is much more important, I try to detect how I listen to music over time; can I relax, do I listen with a lot of volume, do the music engage me emotionally etc. I can say that nothing I loved with Kensington SE is gone. It is as if the fine qualities of SE have just been further refined in the GR version.
Looks like I'm heading the right direction. I ordered one myself. Thanks Musicophile.
You made a great choice. You will feel what the Tannoys are all about: music, listening to and soaking in the music.
Both great speakers with quite different sound. If you listen at really low levels, the Kensington is probably a better choice. Maggies don't need to be played loudly, but, they do seem to come alive at a higher level than the Kensington.

My "issue" with the Kensington is a upper midrange peak that adds an edge or sibilance that cannot be tamed by use of the controls on the speaker. It may add a sense of presence and speed, but, I would prefer that it not be there. Still, this is a good sounding speaker (I only heard it with tubes).

The Maggies deliver the great transparency and clarity that is characteristic of this whole line of speakers. You get this without a leaned out sounding tonal balance that is characteristic of so many speakers these days. It is rich sounding without being murky. It did sound lacking in bass and undynamic when played very softly, but, otherwise, a great sounding speaker (heard only with solid state).
Interesting experience you, Larry, have with Kensington. I can recognize that Kensington have a very high transient speed in the midrange, but I have never had problems with sibilance. This may have been a problem with matching amps and cables?

Mcintosh C48 preamp, Clearaudio Concept turntable with Artist v2 Ebony Cartridge, Oppo BDP-105, Manley Neo Classic 250, Nordost Frey 2 XLR, RCA & A/C. Nordost Valhalla speaker cables. Just waiting for my Tannoy Kensington GR. I hope they already shipped from UK.
Interesting experience you, Larry, have with Kensington. I can recognize that Kensington have a very high transient speed in the midrange, but I have never had problems with sibilance. This may have been a problem with matching amps and cables?
Sorry for the double posting.

Wow, S1nn3r, you have some nice gear! Manley and Tannoy are a raw combination. And, you do not need to worry about enough power. I use only 11 watts of Manley power on the same speaker:-)

I used to own the Manley Stingray 2 and fell in love with their sound. Just couldn't find the right speakers for it. Heard about good Manley and Tannoy pairing so I went for it even with out auditioning before buying. Are you using the Manley Neo Classic 300B? Cause their website recommends at least 50watts for the Kensington GR.
S1nn3r: Yes, I use the Neo-Classic 300B, almost every time in single-ended configuration, with only 11 watt. Even if I like soul, rnb, hiphop (besides jazz, rock and sing-and-songwriter), there is seldom any problem with power reserves. The beauty with Neo-Classic is that you can tune in the optimal amount of negative feedback in the amplifier that matches your specific speaker. With Kensington the best result is driving them with 3-5 dB negative feedback. Compared to zero feedback you can hear that the bass get controlled, dynamic, fast and tuneful. And, the adverse effect in the midrange is almost not noticeable at all. However, if I use 6 or more dB negative feedback the musical experience suffer. Thus, I think Tannoy's recommendations for at least 50 watts is a general statement when you do not take into consideration how the amplifier works. Manley 300B is no problem, it is just musical bliss.

I finally got my Tannoy Kensington GR. Breaking in for now. Did you wire the speaker ground to the amplifier? If yes, improvements?
Pardon my breaking in, but my experience is that if I use my SS Odyssey Stratos there is some hum that decreases when I connect that ground, otherwise very slight difference. It won't hurt.

Love it. Definitely a keeper. Here is a link to the video I posted

Very nice system! I listened to Music Room part 1 and will come back to hear the other YouTube posts later... Congratulations!