Tannoy Turnberry Gr

Greetings to all!  I am from the city of Kyiv Ukraine.  Unfortunately, I am an architect and do not have the skills to fight with weapons in my hands.  I am very indebted to our soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, who are now fighting and rebuffing the fascist Russia led by Putin-Khuylo.  The fact is that I have been assembling my own audio system for a very long time.  The fact is that I have already reached zen and enjoy music, but people who learn about my system components are surprised how such a combination is possible.  I would like to ask dear members of the forum, what do you think about my system?  I will be grateful to all for adequate criticism.  And so I bring to your attention my system

Transrotor ZET 1 

Transrotor Tonearm Base 12" SME 

Transrotor Tonearm Base 9" SME 

Transrotor Motor Base / Coaster 


Tonearm SME  309 

Tonearm SME Series M2-12R 

Ortofon MC Cartridge Cadenza Black 

Dynavector MC Cartridge DV XX-2 MKII  

Lyra MC Cartridge Delos 

Ortofon ST-80 SE Moving Coil transformer 

Unison Research Phono One Mahogany

Unison Research TRIODE 25 CHERRY Black (USB DAC) 

Tannoy Turnberry GR 

Silent Wire SilentSocket 16 Cu AF Filter 

HMS Elektronik Gran Finale Jubilee SL 2,0m

HMS Elektronik Gran Finale Jubilee SL 2,0m
HMS Elektronik Gran Finale Jubilee SL 2,0m

HMS Electronik Gran Finale Bi-Wire Speaker Cable 2.5m 

HMS Elektronik Gran Finale Top Match RCA- RCA WBT 0110






ISOACOUSTICS mini Orea Bordeaux 3 pieces 



Siemens Triple Mica E83CC NOS(Germany 60s year) 2 pieces

Telefunken ECC83 1960

Mullard ECC83 1960

Thanks. Best regards, Oleg 



Everyone is outraged by the compatibility of the unison triode 25 amplifier and Tannoy Turnberry GR acoustics.  And the fact that Tannoy is not capable of playing Metallica's thrash metal.

Hi Oleg first of all bless you and the citizens and soldiers of Ukraine. Regarding your system it looks fantastic and very well chosen. A question who is everybody and why the outrage that a good 25 watt tube amp can drive high efficiency speakers?

Is it your opinion the Tannoys can’t play Metallica? Do you listen to much thrash metal? If both those answers are yes you may want to consider a good pair of horn speakers.

Everyone is outraged by the compatibility of the unison triode 25 amplifier and Tannoy Turnberry GR acoustics.

First, I want to say, I hope you can stay safe. Now back on topic. A pair of EL-34s can play louder than most people think but it does have a limit. If it's working for you, that is what is important. 

I'm not surprised. They're efficient speakers and you're probably playing them at sane levels. Stay safe 


I don’t think speaker manufacturers design their speakers for a specific genre. IMHO, a well designed speaker is capable of rendering all kind of music at sane listening levels. Speakers alone can’t make or produce music so what’s ahead of them (electronics) are just as important. And you have chosen well, enjoy music and stay safe!

Hi Oleg,

I am also a Tannoy guy. It is a superlative speaker for all kinds of music listening and genres. But there is always this issue with Tannoy, whether to with a low power sweet amp or a mid-high power muscle amp. It can play well with both but also highlight the shortcomings of both. I personally use Rogue Stereo 100. But one amp that i am eager to try with Turnberry is Quad Elite QMP monoblocks. Tannoy and Quad were used as a pair in many studios worldwide in 70s, 80s and 90s. 

Hi Oleg,

I have Tannoy Arden Legacy's with a Jadis I50 amp, in my opinion my system plays from Slayer to Schubert with aplomb. 

Power to the people of Ukraine!


Hi Oleg,

I would say that you have put together a well balanced system from carefully chosen quality electronics and components bravo.

Stay safe.

First of all, I would like to thank 🙏 everyone for supporting my country 🇺🇦 in the war against fascist russia. Also, thank you so much for the professional feedback on my system. I have been very careful in choosing each component of my system.

Is it your opinion the Tannoys can’t play Metallica? Do you listen to much thrash metal?

I listen to music of different styles, from Metallica to Miles Davis. It just all started in 1986 with Metallica and they are my favorite band, the music of which has supported me in all my ups and downs in life.

I own Tannoy Eatons, and I’d have to agree that at least to me, heavy metal and rock are not their forte...I’ve heard other speakers that play better in that regard. The tannoy is a bit laid back. I’d go for klipsch or JBL for the heavy metal. However, classical, jazz, folk, country, blues etc...sound terrific on the tannoy. It does not help matters that I’m running the tannoys with pure class A. I do not think class A lends itself all that well with heavy metal....maybe class AB or class D might help. There are generally no speakers that do justice to all music, at least that is what I’ve found. Yes, some give a well rounded picture to most genres, but some speakers do some things better than others. The music I listen to jibes with the tannoy/class A combo. If I want to really rock out, I guess I could pull out my other amps and speakers, but I'm too lazy 

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What a beautiful system you’ve built.

I have nothing else to add except Stay Safe!

Glad you still have the joy of listening to your great system while all that is going on around you.  A great way to escape for a few hours listening to your system which you apparently enjoy.


I have several audio systems including a pair of Tannoy DC 10A, with similar sensitivity to your Turnberrys (93dB/2.83 V/m). Tried them initially with 8 watt SET amplifiers which was not enough. Now running my Tannoys with Canary Audio M350 with 50 watts (monoblocks of 4 300B tibes each). The extra power gave the Tannoys extra grip and definition with great bass. Currently, my favorite combination system to listen to most any music. 


In your next upgrade, you may consider an amplifier with a bit more power to bring out more "control" from your Turnberrys.  Then again, maybe the 25 watts suffices, I did not try my Tannoys with 25 watts.  Ultimately I think if you enjoy your setup now, just sit back and escape.  There is always a "better system" available around the corner, and it never ends. Sounds like you found a combination that you like, which is all that matters.