Tea For the Tillerman by Cat Stevens-which sounds best?

One of my "all time" favorite albums is Cat Stevens Tea For the Tillerman. I have it in the following formats:
1. A& M Record
2. Island British Pressing
3. 180 gram vinyl
4. Regular CD

Note: You might think I have enough, but have the audiophile bug to find something that sounds better,
for example, with more information on the source.
I saw HD Tracks sells a hi def streaming version of Teal Fro the Tillerman for 
 $25.00 in Flac format at 192HZ and 24Bit.  This has more information than a standard CD.
I ask you, should I save my money or is HD Tracks version better than what I currently own?
In short, going forward is a streamed version giving us 192HZ and 24 bit going to enable a listener to hear more
of the song or album than a regular CD?

This might help.


I prefer the HD Tracks version to the CD and to Tidal MQA. Frankly not much in it - all the digital versions are close. I don’t have vinyl so can’t comment there.

You need to find out if the HD version is native or not. Given the age of the album, I assume it was recorded on tape. Normally, high-res digital transfers are remasters done off of the original source. If that is the case, than a 192/24 transfer will sound markedly better than a redbook CD -- assuming that the playback equipment can show the improvement (it must be very good).

Have purchased a number of high def items from HDTracks and, mostly, been disappointed. Find that if you resample a CD in a media engine such as JRiver to 192/24 with their utility SoX the improvement in downsample play is surprisingly good. The improvement is largely in noise reduction and bit rate. Try this before you dismiss it as illogical.

One thing about Tea for the Tillerman is it’s consistency in dynamic range, here’s the link to the various releases including HD Tracks,


After all these years Tea for the Tillerman remains a favorite of mine as well. I also prefer the HDT 24/192 download to both the Tidal MQA and the CD remaster (2000) I have. I no longer have my original CD or vinyl. The CD remaster is close but not quite as good as the 24/192, IMO of course.