Technics 1200G Tweaks

Got a Technics 1200G last week.  I have been using it with the included power cord and interconnects.  It sounds really good but I have the feeling that it would sound better if I replaced them with something better.
Wondering what other owners of the table have bought and been pleased with.  I heard that the Shunyata Venom 14 power cord is good.  How is their phono IC?  Also thinking about Signal Cables.

I would like to keep it under $300 per cord.
Also, has anyone tried using the Isonoe feet?
In my opinion the most critical part is the cartridge, if you want to improve everything you can just find a decent cartridge first, it’s endless game, but this is the most important! Not sure which one you have now?

I’ve been using Isonoe footers for 5 years and i’m happe about them, but the new Technics SL1200G already solved the problem with stock footers! New stock footers are completely different from the old ones (the old are very bad). Why do you want to change new footers? I'm sure the Technics did the great  job with SL1200G as the footers on the old model was one of the weakest part.  

Signal Cable Silver Resolution are highly regarded silver phono cables, they are not expensive, but the RCA connectors are nothing special, i don’t know why they are not providing Eichman / KLE anymore.

Try power cord from Zu Audio on ebay for promotional auction prices, the best value on the market. Top quality cables for reasonable price!
I am using the Venom 14 power cord on my SL1200G. Also, using and still evaluating a Herbies mat. The stock footers are fine.

@andysf, What cartridge are you using.
@chakster  I am temporarily using King Cobras to the preamp. I am considering the Signal Silver Resolution because of their low capacitance and good reputation. I have little experience with "copper/silver" cables. Is excessive brightness associated with silver a concern? I am using a Hana SL cartridge. 
@chakster  For stereo I am using a Hana EL.  At some point I would like to get an Art 7, based on all the positive reviews.  Since I am a record collector, I have a number of carts, for mono, 78s, etc.I had a look at the Zu cables on Ebay.  It appears that with a bit of patience, I can buy their cords for $100 or so.  Looks like a great deal! Not sure the power cords will actually fit on the Technics though.

@ericsch  Thanks!  I just put an Funk Firm Achromat on my table.  Different sound than the stock mat-a bit more clear and seems to push the highs up.  I would like to try a Herbies as well.
@andysf yes, ZU prices on ebay are amazing, they are selling old stock for promotion directly from Utah, you can buy Mission Phono RCA cable from them for the same price under $100 (extremely cheap for the quality they are offering). I use Zu Mission cables for my vintage tonearm and Zu Bok and Zu Birth power cords, i also use Zu Mission Phono MKII (but this one is $400).  In the beginning Zu was a cable company, before they released the speakers. Everyone who tried to work with Zu cables can confirm they are top quality, we have replaced stock RCA to DIN for my tonearms. As for the power cords for Technics SL1200G you can ask them, but i think if there is a room around the socket on turntable then it must fit. 
@andysf  I also use a Shunyata power cord because it will fit. I ise AQ Leopard phono cable. ART9 on table right now I thought about getting a 7 also for the lower output since my phono stage has SUT built in.
I’m still not sure it make sence to add a piece of Silver Cable from turntable to phono stage is the headshell leds and internal tonearm cable is copper.

Personally i don’t use silver cables in my system at all at the moment, all cables are copper and the sound quality is fantastic :)

@andysf Life is easier with MM cartridges, expecially if you’re a fan of Audio-Technica, i use mega rare AT-ML180 OCC as the reference Moving Magnet, the lower model AT-ML170 is not far from AT-ML180. Both are fantastic MMs and much better than many more expensive LOMC in my opinion. Still cheaper than ART-7 LOMC and less demanding to the phono stage, cables etc. Perfect for Technics tonearms.

Welcome to the 1200G club!

Based on advice from the retailer who sold me my 1200G, I’m also using the Shunyata Venom. I happened to have one I could swap out the original one with. Honestly, I can’t say changing the power cord had as much of a noticeable improvement as PC upgrades on my other electronics. I was making other changes at the time so maybe it was too hard to tell.

I use and enjoy Morrow level5 phono cables and feel these were a big improvement over the stock cord.

As to other tweaks, I did try Herbies mat and didn’t like it on the 1200G. That mat was a very nice mat for my prior table which had an acrylic platter. I actually did, just today, order the SL-1200 version of the Funk Firm Achromat. My research suggests that works well with metal platters. We’ll see.

Lastly, I have a DIY maple platform using a Boos Block cutting board and the same ISO blocks that Mapleshade sells. My supplier however offers bigger blocks at a way lower price than Mapleshade.

Carts are Audio Technica ART9 (preferred) and a Lrya Delos I use sometimes. Head shells are Zupreme from LP Gear.  Nice head shells, and azimuth adjustable.

Yes Funk Firm mat I have the 5mm which I just replaced with the 3mm so I could use my clamp the 5mm does not leave enough of the spindle exposed. I like the sound of the FF mat also less static coming off of the LP.
I am actually using the GAE which I got from a friend since he was going to trade it on the new 10R. I also have a G which I might sell later. Table sits on a symposium shelf, stock feet which I might change later on I still get noise when i tap on my rack below but not to bad.
Head shells I like are the Yamamoto HS4 carbon fiber, also have the Zupreme and an Ortorfon that matches the Cadenza Bronze's rounded front
I have a Triplanar VII SE coming that I am going to use in lieu of the stock arm to see if it is a big difference if not I will sell it/
Gut wire.  Very inexpensive and great results.  It DOES make a difference  
+1 on the stock feet.  This table was the easiest I've owned to get leveled perfectly. 
@chakster Always intrigued by your comments on vintage cartridges.  It is on my list to try one but I first have to deal with the wire issues.  Agree that many MM carts are underrated these days.
@jsm71 Thanks!  I am very happy with the table, which seems to sound better every day.  I am coming from a modded Technics MkII and it is quite a step up from that.  May well go with the Venom 14 but looking at other cords as well.  Probably true that it won't make as much difference as the phono IC.I have one pair of Morrow interconnects.  They are quite good but the break in process was really long and I am not sure I want to go through that again.  Maybe I can find some used Morrows and avoid the pain.I look forward to hearing your impressions of the Achromat!
@jtsnead   I was surprised how short the spindle was.  I don't use a clamp but when I play one of those old Edison discs it is going to go over the top, I think.  Will be interested to hear how you like the Triplanar. Not for me since I have too many different carts to switch out but one of the top arms, for sure.The LeoPard looks cool but for $800 it is a bit out of my range right now.

@tzh21y Thanks for the recommendation for the Gutwire PC. I hadn't heard of them before.Guess I won't change the feet!
Thanks to all for giving me the benefit of your experience!

This is my update after getting the Funk Firm Acromat.  Actually, I had rather low expectations, but the improvement in clarity, transparency, and tighter bass over the stock rubber mat was more than I was expecting. 

My impression was the kind of impact I would expect putting a considerably more expensive cartridge in the system.  I was a bit reluctant to put money in this area, but to my ears this was easily worth it.  I tried a variety of music genres, as well as simple to full orchestra.  I didn't want improvements in just one area.

Everything benefited.  The increase in micro details was perhaps the biggest difference, even on less complex recordings.  Even the tone on individual instruments and voices seemed to reveal more detail.  I now think the rubber mat was blocking some of this.  

I ordered the SL-1200 version of this mat.  It is rather thick and leaves only a small amount of my spindle, but I use a weight rather than a clamp so it works fine.
Forgot to mention the Funk Firm mat totally eliminated static.  The rubber mat was bad in that way.
The rubber mat must be thrown away, SAES SS-300 alloy mat will solve all the problems, the best mat on the market along with Micro Seiki CU-180 Big upgrade for any Technics turntables. 
I like the boston audio mat with this table.  I also have the funk firm.  Try the table without a clamp.  I am liking it better than a clamp with this table 
I’ve had a 1200 for a year now, this is what I have found.

Achromat, I can’t find a flat one, one I had on the deck and stuck down for a year but it warped, tried heavy glass and water filled bucket on it for weeks, made no difference. I’ve reverted to standard mat, I preferred the less bright sound, and the lack of warping/ hassle, no sticky residue on beautiful brass platter.

i may try the leather rubber composite type.

I think a weight is male jewellery and a clamp too much hassle. The weight will also increase bearing wear and rumble presumably? I don’t seem to have many warped records.

KAB tonearm damper, good improvement for the money, beautifully made, improved three dimensionality and tightened base with no penalty, looks great.

Mains cable shielded Supra Wattgate plug. I didn’t expect any difference or do an A/B but at least it’s shielded and was cheap. All my mains cables are shielded to prevent them effecting the interconnects.

Tonearm cable, shielded silver litz very short 0.5m big improvement in clarity and space over standard copper coax.

Mounting. Mine is on an Apollo wall shelf (solid wall) with 15mm acrylic shelf with focal pods & and in is the next room, I don’t have problems with acoustic feedback or footfall.

Cartridge. I have currently a Dynavector 10x5, which came off my previous table, a Rega P5. It sounds good (with nothing to compare it to!) 

I’m thinking of a Soundsmith Zephyr Star moving Iron, as this is well though of, I respect the company and the CEO and I am very keen to reduce surface noise, but haven’t bitten the bullet yet as I’d really like to hear one, tricky I know!

Phono-stage - Musical Fidelity MX Vinyl. I really like this, tried a few. The stand out features are the flexibility with front panel controls for cartridge matching / tuning and it has balanced outputs, which is useful in my installation. 
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Dear friends: The different models of the new Technics designs are really different to the very well regarded " old " 1200/1700.

It is weird that no one of you mentioned a crtical twecks: headshell wires and internal tonearm wiring.

If all of you listened the improvements when changed for better IC phono cables well those two tweaks I mentioned will be a bigger quality level improvements additional to what already you did it.

It’s very easy to take in count why is so important the headshell wires and tonearm internal wiring where is where the very sensible cartridge signal must pass through before any other cable or electronics.

The stock internal wiring and the after market headshells has not the quality level to make that critical and the must important issue with that great tonearm design.

Yes, silver headshell wires with silver female connectors and silver internal wiring is the best way to go and no the silver is not over brigth and is the best audio signal conductor you can use. You need that through those headshell/tonearms wires the cartridge signal looks for a minimum degradation, is here where everything starts and what we lost here never can be recovered it does not matters that your IC phono cables cost 10K.

Priorities is a very important subject to take in count.

With those two silver wiring tweaks that tonearm even and outperforms any today high K dollars design . There is no need to change the Technics stock tonearm that is very good design and that permit to use different build material and weigth headshells to match in better way any cartridge needs. With the Technics tonearm you don’t " married " to an always tonearm signature ( for ever. ) as happens always with tonearm fixed headshell designs.

In the other side stay away of any all metal mats. Metal is a developer of resonances and an enemy in some places tghrough the analog rig. Be very carefully about.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Yes (to silver wire) and no (to “stay away from metal mats”). Listen for yourself.
Mine is a GAE rather than a G, which should matter not, but in the interests of full disclosure there you have it.  I agree with the advice that the most significant impact will result from cartridge choice.  I use an Ortofon Per Windfeld (original) because it pushes all my buttons.  Most people would prefer the A-95 for it's greater detail and more up front presentation, but prefer the more distant perspective of the Windfeld.  Either sounds very balanced/neutral and I prefer them to the highly regarded Audio Technica A7. Next, very important, the headshell and wire:  Yamamoto HS-4S offered a big improvement in detail.  Next, I tried Raul's recommended arm wire upgrade, it made for greater detail, but I thought it unnatural (brighter maybe?) and went back to the stock wire.  Again, this is subjective.  Many (most?) would prefer the arm wire upgrade.  Interconnects.  I tried a bunch.  Settled on AudioSensibility Statement OCC Silver (I also considered their copper version of same).  (Note this is not a cheap upgrade)  The silver is a little more tingly, whereas the copper is a little warmer.  I think if I had gone with the AT cartridge the copper interconnects would have worked better, so the lesson here is that these things are all inter related.  Finally mats.  I could not say they made a discernible difference to my ear.  I have the stock one of course, a deer skin one, a Herbies and a couple of others.  All I can tell you is mats are going to have less impact (if any at all) compared to the other tweaks mentioned.  A word on alternative arms.  The stock arm on my GAE is really superb.  It sets up like a dream, in an exactly repeatable manner.  I think setup is critical and for people for whom vinyl is a new adventure in particular, this factor of ease of setup cannot be overstated. Too, I change cartridges frequently, mono, MC, MM, trying different ones and like having a removable headshell.  I can't say I would consider replacing this arm under any foreseeable circumstance.  This is a great turntable and the more I use it the better I like it.  These tweaks improve what is a fantastic bargain.
My tweaks are as follows:1.  Yamamoto HS-4S headshell and wires2.  Note, I tried Raul's arm wire change and found that it improved detail, but I thought it was an unnatural sound.  An expensive mistake for me I went back to the stock wire. 
3.  Interconnects are by AudioSensibility Statement OCC Silver.  I also tried their copper version of same.  Silver a bit more tingly, copper a bit warmer.4.  Primary cartridges:  Stereo - Ortofon Per Windfeld;  Mono Ortofon 2M Mono SE or Audio Technica Mono 33 Anniverary5.  Mats - I have several, can't say they make much difference.6.  Arm - I have a lot of experience including setting up turntables for a living for a decade back in the 1970s and this arm is among the best.  It is very easy to set up.  This factor is exceptionally important especially today, when many people are new to vinyl or coming back to it after a long absence.  Getting professional help is difficult today.  Unless you have a lot of expertise, stick with this arm.  You have to go a long way to beat it.  Plus it is nice use and nice to have interchangeable headshells. 
Dear @billstevenson : A better quality internal arm wiring always makes an improvement and this is out of discussion  per sé.

If we don't like the arm internal wiring is not becuse  a mistake for our part. All depends of the room/system  characteristics and each one music/sound priorities.

When we integrated  better audio item/link in the system nd we don't like it the problem normally belongs that the new item take out a system audio link that was hidden before. Improvements in the systems means better resolution where almost nothing can stays hidden.

Btw, I love the Windfeld And yes better than the 90/95.

Dear Raul,
I agree with you about arm wire, which explains why I followed your advice and recommendations for changing mine.  As I explained, most people would like and probably prefer the result.  I agonized over it, not least because of the expense and effort involved in making this change, but in the end decided that the stock setup was preferable for me.  This is based on my objectives and for the type of music that I listen to, which is acoustic jazz and a lot of that is old recordings dating back many decades.  Not exactly audiophile quality fare in many cases.  So my comment is definitely specific to my needs and preferences.  It is true that for modern recordings the arm wire change was probably preferable, I never evaluated it from that perspective.  At the risk of stirring up more controversy, in my opinion, modern recordings are generally better reproduced in digital format anyway.
as my 1200G runs in over time I have been listening to the original technics rubber mat with the Arche headshell and the Lyra Delos.  FWIW
Has anybody tried manual torque set at lowest setting?  Soundstage seems deeper to me
How do i change the wire in the arm?  I am not sure anyone locally is skilled enough to do it.