Technics SL-1200MK2 or MK5

I'm trying to figure out if there is any reason I should purchase a MK5 over a MK2.

My concern is that the MK2 doesn't have the button to lock the pitch at dead zero.

Is this a valid concern?

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For some listeners/musicians the pitch device helps out quite a bit if you like to learn riffs. Otherwise it is a giant PIA to change the tuning of your instrument for each album or song. So many songs are recorded a smidgeon off pitch for one reason or another. Even on the same LP.
06-22-10: Tvad
IMO, the only reason to buy the MK5 is for the better tonearm wire.
The Mk5 doesn't have the better tonearm wire; the SL1210 M5G and SL1210 GLD have the upgraded tonearm wire.

This is a significant upgrade. IMO you should either get an SL1200 mk2 from and get the tonearm rewired at the same time, or get an M5G. The wire in the KAB rewire is almost certainly better wire (Cardas) than the upgraded Technics, but I have had the M5G for 3 years with no complaints.
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Thanks for the responses thus far...

I suppose I was concerned that the pitch slider wouldn't actually "lock into a groove," if you will, at dead zero - thinking that the button would, without a doubt, set things to dead zero.

I, too, owned an M5G and got rid of it. Now, I'm simply looking for the functionality again, without the frills.
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My main reason for always recommending the MKII is that the tonearm on it has a much finer antiskate control than any of the other SL-1200 models. The MK5 and up models all have a 0-6 scale on the antiskate control whereas the MKII has 0-3 and is much better suited to home audiophiles use.

As someone has already mentioned, the only reason to order any other model is the upgraded wire in the MK5G. Even then, I'd prefer to have the MKII with the KAB rewire.

I greatly appreciate the comments (because, quite frankly, it's what I was wanted to hear - ha!).

A MK2 it shall be, then. Now, if I can just sell this amp. ;)

Cheers all,