Technics SU-G700M2 Grand Class should I get one for my son ?

So I have a connection and can get Technics SU-G700M2 Grand Class for a song (cost freind owns a HT store).

I was thinking of getting this for my son who is heading down to San Marcos, TX to go to school at Texas State on a Music Scholarship. I have a pair of GoldenEar BRX and REL T zeros MkIII to round the system out.

So here is the rub, the reviews I am reading are just okay and many think the Marantz Model 40n is better and then there is the Cambridge Audio Evo 75.

So what to do, what to do, feedback appreciated.

Just need to get him through his last 2 years of school then he is off to Japan. I want him to have some nice gear but not break the bank.



Unless he is living in his own apartment without roommates, just get him the cheapest mass market receiver you can find. If he's in a dorm they will get used and abused and probably stolen. 

@russ69 his own apartment off campus. 

Very good. I'm a broken record but the Rogue Sphinx V3 would be my choice with the BRX. 

I agree with russ69. Most likely a Fugoo Bluetooth speaker will be the ticket here. 100$ and be done with it. 

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I have a GaN amplifier, and it is awesome. Were I to consider an integrated, the Technics would be at the very top of my list.

This months Stereophile reviewed it


Ended up getting him Norma Audio Revo ipa-70b that was previously loved. 

Had a chance to hear this piece of equipment and it is awesome more detailed that the 700M2 and transparent. I also picked him up a pair of SF Sonetto II. He is at Grad School and living in an apartment no dorm shenanigans. 


Been really digging this Norma Audio Revo ipa-70b and I may have to get one for myself. Jacob Ryan is digging it.