Tensegrity principles applied to turntable support?

I saw a YouTube video on the subject of tensegrity. Specifically a chair. Has anyone considered this as applied to audio support?

Here is a table which he demonstrates is capable of bearing 10 Kg:


I like the fact that the structure 'gives' with a tiny push. It is in tension, but not tensed.
Yes, but why?

I mean, as far as I can tell, it's cool, and has interesting applications for strength and materials, but does not in itself offer any benefits to isolation from vibration or damping.

Perhaps this is an area of the technology I do not yet fully appreciate.
There's no vertical isolation, and not even horizontal since it moves in an arc not a plane. Straight wires will vibrate just like a guitar string. Constantly. As in all the time. Horrible design. 

Also five minutes of my life I will never get back. Thanks.
+1 theopile
I wasn’t interested enough to watch.
Most Yute vids are time wasters.
2 minutes to write this totally worth it.