Thank you to the Audiogon Team

It occurred to me today that I've not said "Thank you" to the Audiogon team in a long time. I asked for a bit of help this morning and received a prompt helpful response from Tammy. What a pleasure. While I've thanked her privately, I want to take a moment to recognize the entire Audiogon team that makes these discussion forums available to all of us. I've been posting here since 2001, have received many helpful replies from members to questions, learned a lot, and hopefully have shared a bit along the way.

This is, by and large, one of the most helpful, courteous and civil discussion platforms for high end audio on the Internet. I enjoy the community that exists here. But mainly I want to thank Audiogon for the investment of their time and resources to allow this platform to exist.

Best wishes for the New Year, Audiogon!
Very well said, Rushton. I concur fully. Now and then I have occasion to look at other audio-related forums, but this is the only one I’ve ever felt motivated to join.

I’d also like to express my appreciation for how professionally and smoothly the transition to the new format has gone. Considering the magnitude of the changes, I find it remarkable that the transition occurred with no interruptions or intermittencies in service, and with no loss of material. And I’ve noticed that a number of users who initially indicated displeasure with the new format have indicated in posts that they are now happy with it, in part due to having become more familiar with it and in part due to tweaks that have been made in response to user feedback since its introduction.

Best regards,
-- Al
Agree also rushton and Al.  I also sent in a suggestion on Saturday (the day after Christmas!!)  and received a reply from Tammy in about an hour.  Amazing!

I agree totally thanks Audiogon for caring about the user experience and especially thanks to Justin who has been very helpful to me personally. Best forums going and the only place I buy and sell gear. Thanks Audiogon!
I, too, (despite having half-way been initially prepared for anything worse) have, to the contrary, received nothing but prompt, courteous and very helpful replies from the Agon staff to my questions. Thank you!

rushton - thanks for your comments. I agree.

Tammy has been very helpful to me on several occasions. So often we get boilerplate platitudes from customer service reps, who provide absolutely no help. Tammy and others at Audiogon provide actual explanations and help. She and the rest of the team really do care and their help and their attitude is appreciate.

The development for the new site has been a difficult task. Change is never easy and some will never accept it. But throughout the process, Justin has really listened. Every one of us would like some change to be made. but I  really appreciative how much he listened and made improvements.. Of course there are more changes that should still be made, but at least we now have a platform that can be upgraded over time.

All in all, the Audiogon team seems really engaged in the customer experience. That is not very common on the Internet these days.

Thanks to the team.

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I also agree with the above comments. There have been a half dozen times or so that I needed assistance and received a response within a reasonably short amount of time.
Thank you team!
Great post Rushton! I also am very thankful for the services provided by the AG team. I always have received quick response concerning questions I have had. I truly benefitted, enjoyed, buying and selling on the AG marketplace, a relatively safe environment for doing so.

I wish to also give thanks for this forum, and particular the many fine folks who have greatly expanded my enjoyment/knowledge of audio.

Customer service (Tammy) is quick, correct, direct, and courteous, rating a solid A+.  I wish she'd take over Comcast, the antithesis of "service."
I have no complaints. 
This place is a nice place to retreat to, now and then.

discussion platforms for high end audio

There are dense folk who forget it is for high end...

Tammy is a cordial & helpful soul.